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Lounge Style Throwback Edition: Rachel Green & Friends

July 31, 2014

friendsLet’s go back to the days of answering machines, hair gel, and schrunchies for today’s lounge style inspiration via the girls on that little known TV show, Friends. Watching this show is a great time capsule to the fashion of the time as well as a glimpse at young adult life before cell phones and instagram. I miss the answering machine and the freedom of not be instantly reachable all the time. Dating was also much more romantic when guys weren’t just texting to get your attention. But the point of the post is the style, that nineties mix of hippie, grunge, and minimalism, and the more loungey pieces Rachel and the girls wore. Check out how great Phoebe’s onesie is!


More and more nineties iconic pieces of are slowly coming back into fashion now, newest trend being that chokers are back. We haven’t seen the Rachel haircut come back yet, and lets hope it stays that way!


Here are some of the comfy cute outfits that are our favorites from the series. And that we would still wear (minus some accessories and hair)


Simply Egg “Muffins”

July 29, 2014

egg_muffins_4This recipe is one of my breakfast go-tos. It transforms the healthy and satisfying weekend omelette I love so much to something I can grab and go with all week. I eat them cold or warmed up if I have more time, and the recipe makes enough for a full hectic week! So simple and versatile, every variety I have tried has been delicious.




10 Eggs (to make 12 ‘muffins’ )

2 Tablespoons of unsweetened Milk of your choice (I use almond milk)

¼ Teaspoon of Salt

⅛ Teaspoon or so of Black Pepper


Omelette type ingredients of your choice. In these photos I used:

1/3 Cup of Onion

1 Cup of thinly sliced Mushrooms

Handful of Arugula



Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Grease 8 muffin cups or spray with non-stick olive oil spray.

Beat eggs together in a large bowl.

Mix your chosen ingredients, salt, black pepper, and unsweetened milk of choice into the beaten eggs.

Pour egg mixture evenly into prepared muffin cups.

If you are including a cheese – sprinkle on top of each muffin cup.

Bake in the preheated oven until muffins are set in the middle, approximately 18 to 20 minutes.

misty morning light

July 28, 2014

Let’s kick off this week with something beautiful to look at. The work of Finn Hopson captures moody landscapes. I especially liked these misty morning photos that are especially calming to look at before tackling the Monday morning to-do list! Have a great day!

Finn_Hopson2 Finn_Hopson3 FinnHopsonFinn_Hopson4 Finn_Hopson5 Finn_Hopson6

Images / via

five for friday

July 25, 2014


The weekend is here! What are you getting into this weekend? It has been so hot here, so I may have spend some of the time hidden away in a nice cool movie theater. I am thinking of seeing Zach Braff’s Wish I was Here, have you seen it? Is it any good? I hope you stay cool this weekend and here are some finds from the web this week…


In love with these colorful and fun illustrations that scream summer / via /


I can get behind this kind of selfie – elevating the selfie thru creative self expression (also, can we please call it something other than the word selfie?)


Dreaming about hitting the road in this amazing revamped airstream.


A recipe you can actually make in the heat of summer – bonus, it involves chocolate.


And if you need even more creative inspiration, a great compilation of New Yorker articles.


Image / via /

creative spaces // a look at the studios of artists

July 24, 2014


fia cielen

After talking about being creative yesterday, I got sucked into looking at the photographs of the creative spaces of artists. It’s so interesting to look at what tools they use, what mess they may have made, and to see perhaps a glimpse into their creative process. Here are some of the studios of artists if you’d like to see.


alexander calder


audrey kawasaki


charmaine olivia

claire basler

claire basler


frida kahlo




georgia o’keeffe

Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7


Lounge luxe

July 23, 2014


This week’s lounge style icon is model – actress – designer, Erin Wasson. Texas-born, down-to-earth, sailor-mouthed Erin is a woman after our own hearts. Her off-duty style is a mix of vintage and easy pieces that are a bit country, a bit grunge, a bit seventies rock; all Erin. She makes anything look effortlessly cool, mixing pieces like sweats and boots, pajama tops and cut-offs, flannels and body skimming dresses. Her personal style helped skyrocket her career as she was photographed off the runway and people looked to her for their own outfit inspiration. Her personal brand of dressing has such a following and respect now that it seems when she is booked today, the styling most often mirrors her own personal twist on dressing rather than the other way around.


Here are some of our favorite snaps of Erin’s style as well as a great quote (from her ‘Into the Gloss’ interview)

“I think beauty is all in your head at the end of the day. I’m a hippie of the heart, because I don’t smell like patchouli. [Laughs] I think that if you’re a hippie you just understand that everything is always bigger than you at any given time; it’s never really about you. There’s always a bigger picture.“

erin_wasson_journal_de_jalune5 erin-wasson-2 erin_wasson_journal_de_jalune3 erin_wasson_journal_de_jalune2

5 ways to be more creative

July 22, 2014

picasso light drawing // jalune

Image / via /

‘The chief enemy of creativity is ‘good’ sense.’ – Pablo Picasso


Growing up in our family, my siblings and I were all ‘artists’ constantly drawing, painting or paper mache-ing. We have all continued down our own creative paths, but I have noticed that as I have gotten older I find myself becoming stuck when trying to be creative. The left brain takes over, to-do lists are ever present and my own doubt about being a “creative” creeps in. Being creative, in whatever form it may take, drawing, photography, music etc., is something that I crave, but when it starts to become its own ‘to-do’, the feeling of stuckness sets in. By taking a step back and reflecting on creativity as a whole, I have found there are some surefire ways that help to get me back to being creative and enjoying the process once again. What do you do to get unstuck creatively?


Move – take a walk, run, ride a bike, anything that lets your mind get unstuck and focus on forward momentum. I find that my mind is less able to ruminate on the feeling of not knowing where to begin when I am physically moving and ideas are able to flow more freely.


Think like a child – what was the activity that you loved as a kid, coloring books, finger painting, making up dances, who says we are too old to still do these things that bring simple joy.  remember that feeling of being open minded and not logical and let yourself get messy and create.


Just do it – anything, sing at the top of your lungs, dance around, doodle all without judgement of yourself and you will feel a release of that inner critic. Just the act of starting to do something gets rid of the invisible road block can help to get you unstuck.


Get inspired – sure there’s Pinterest, which I of course love, but go deeper too, google has an entire cultural institute online made up of archives from museums from all over the world to explore or browse through all of the LIFE magazine photo archives. Or take it offline – read a book, go to a museum or gallery, or go see some live music, and let yourself be inspired by other people’s expression. I always find myself with more energy and the urge to make something when I allow myself to take to focus off my own creativity for a bit.


Give yourself limitations and a deadline – treat it like a school project. A proverbial (or literal) blank canvas can be overwhelming with all of the possibilities so hone in on a couple main objectives, water and the color blue, and start there, it could stir up some other ideas along the way.


peach blueberry crumble // gluten free & vegan

July 21, 2014

peach blueberry crumble // jaluneNow that were are in the middle of summer, it is hard not to be inspired by the summer fruits. Two of my favorites, blueberries and peaches, are in abundance right now so I knew I needed to bake something combining the two. This summer peach blueberry crumble is naturally sweet and juicy – the recipe calls for only a touch of honey.

peach blueberry crumble // jalunepeach blueberry crumble // jalune

I used almond flour as a base for the crumble, making this gluten free, but whole wheat flour would work just as well if you are down with gluten. I also added some coconut flakes to the crumble for added flavor and texture (and let’s be honest, coconut is the new black). Feel free to add chopped pecans or other nuts to the crumble if you’d like as well. Let me know how you like it!




1 pint blueberries

4 large peaches

2 tablespoons honey

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp nutmeg

squeeze lemon or orange jouce



Preheat the oven to 325 degrees

Mix the ingredients for the topping in a large bowl

Pour it all into greased pie pan

Bake for 25 minutes

peach blueberry crumble // jalune


1 1/2 cups almond flour/meal

1/2 cup shredded coconut

1 tbs honey

3 tbs coconut oil

dash cinnamon

1/4 tsp salt



Mix everything in medium bowl until clumps form

After fruit is done baking, cover top with crumble

Cook for 25 minutes until fruit bubbles and the crumble is golden brown (cover top with foil if crumble bakes too quickly)

Let cool 10 minutes & enjoy!

peach blueberry crumble // jalune peach blueberry crumble // jalune peach blueberry crumble // jalune



five for friday

July 18, 2014

helmut newton // jaluneThe weekend is here! What are you up to this weekend? I am looking forward to actually not having plans, catching up on my summer reading, and having a lazy Sunday brunch. Have a great weekend  – here are some finds from around the web this week…


Will it beard?  A legitimate question answered here.


This may help me actually remember my passwords.


An unlikely but beautiful use for pencils.


An amazing summer film that took 12 years to make.


A simple brunch dish that I have to try this weekend.


Image by Helmut Newton / via /


Crystal Readings // Amethyst

July 17, 2014

We have always been fascinated by crystals and their strong associations with healing and their presence throughout history. As we have started our own crystal collection, we thought it would be fun to share their meanings in a series here on the blog.amethyst // jaluneamethyst // jaluneCrystal Readings // Amethyst

I am partial the the amethyst as it is my birthstone (I am a Pisces thru and thru). The amethyst is a bright violet stone representing the crown chakra. It provides power and protection, specifically clearing the aura of negative energy and guiding the mind into a centered and open spiritual mediation or journey. The amethyst gets rid of mind clutter and expands higher thought, giving way to more creativity  and passion. Physically, amethyst helps strengthen the immune system and was said by the ancient Greeks to protect from intoxication (though I don’t think it can help with too many tequila drinks, though let me know if you have success!).

To use the amethyst, place under your bed to discourage nightmares and reveal deeper dream states. In mediation it can also be used to help elevate the thinking process, promoting new ideas to be put in motion – a symbol of focus and success.

What is your sign and birthstone?