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Five for Friday

October 31, 2014

9dd729166f42a5041f7348bcc4bdceceHappy Halloween! Do you have any fun plans for the eve? Are you dressing up as anything? We are heading to a haunted house tonight – my campaign for trick-or-treating got vetoed. I guess I will have to just buy candy on sale tomorrow. After tonight’s festivities, I am looking forward to a low key dinner with new friends Saturday night. Have a great (+spooky!) weekend and here are some links from around the web…


Incase you needed some last minute costume inspiration – or just a good laugh.


A really interesting article that links the expectations of aging to actual physiological signs of health (read: act like a kid again, it’s good for your health!)


I swear this is the last I will talk of pumpkins.


How to use ALL the toppings for caramel apples.


And finally, Harry Potter rapping.


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Crystal Readings // Tiger’s Eye

October 30, 2014

We have always been fascinated by crystals and their strong associations with healing and their presence throughout history. As we have started our own crystal collection, we thought it would be fun to share their meanings in a series here on the blog.tigers_eye_jalune

Tiger’s eye is a form of quartz and gemini’s birthstone. It is usually golden brown but can also be blue or red. It symbolizes the elements of fire and earth and represents the root chakra. The stone is beneficial for health, connecting us to our physical body, inner strength, and vitality. Tiger’s eye grounding properties help to cultivate stability from our own personal power and therefore result in more confidence and personal drive. It also releases stuck energy, mental or physical, and helps to reduce fear and anxiety.


Tiger’s eye is a protective stone thought to ward off curses or spells. It was worn by Roman soldiers in battle for protection and help bring clarity and insight to them, free from any deception. In everyday life, the stone can be worn to protect in long travels and help keep the balance of emotions for a clear mind. Tiger’s eye can also used during meditation to increase alertness and patience, bringing forth a positive energy. Also by enhancing personal power and mental clarity, it steers us towards realizing our goals and dreams.


Have you ever used crystals as a healing tool? What other crystals would you like to hear about? Tell us below!

Bourbon Cider Apple Chip Cocktail

October 29, 2014

Bourbon_Cider_Apple_Chip_Cocktail_5Apple cider is the quintessential fall drink and while I love drinking it in its pure form, adding a little bourbon never hurt anyone. The result is a crisp, spiced cocktail that is sure to be a hit at your Halloween party (or any party, no holiday needed!) The baked bourbon soaked apple chips add that extra touch to turn the drink into a signature cocktail  – but it is still super easy to make! What is your favorite fall cocktail?



6 small apples

your favorite bourbon

your favorite apple cider

club soda

cinnamon to garnish



Apple chips:

Slice the apples thinly into circles ( you can core if you’d like, both work well) 

In a small baking dish, spread out your apple slices and pour the bourbon to just cover the apples. Soak for an hour.

Spread apple slices out on a baking dish and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Bake at 250 for  45 minutes, until browned and crispy.


Bourbon Cider Apple Chip Cocktail:

Mix 5 ounces of cider (about 2/3 of a rocks glass) with one shot of bourbon and a splash of club soda. Garnish with a few apple chips and enjoy!

*adapted from this recipe.

Bourbon_Cider_Apple_Chip_Cocktail_4Bourbon_Cider_Apple_Chip_Cocktail_6 Bourbon_Cider_Apple_Chip_Cocktail_3

Women before 10am // Inspiring Modern Women – Alyssa

October 28, 2014

In this series we are speaking to inspiring modern women and having them share their morning rituals and secrets with us. Meet Alyssa, a native New Yorker submersed in the music industry, and see how amidst her busy routine she still finds a way to unplug and recharge. 

women_before_10_jaluneWomen before 10am // jalune

Tell us about yourself.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn (woop woop). I currently live in NYC, manage djs and work in branding at a record label.

What time do you wake up in the morning?

I wake up at 7:10ish after setting my alarm for 7:00, 7:01,7:02, etc., until I finally drag myself out of bed. It takes about 3 separate alarms on a good day (not snooze, full separate alarms). Then I spend a few minutes checking my emails and instagram in bed, refusing to fully commit to waking up. Then I realize it’s 7:20 and I start to hustle to make it out the door by 7:45. Quick shower, makeup, throw some clothes on, hop on subway, grab a latte, and I am at my desk by 8:05 (8:10 if I’m being totally honest). The office is super quiet until around 10am, so i can get a ton of work done.

What’s your coffee / coffee drink of choice?

Coffee Bean no sugar added vanilla latte – iced always, even in the coldest winter.

Women before 10am // jalune

What’s been a favorite or coveted place of yours to enjoy a cup of coffee?

In bed on Saturday morning, reading.

What’s the last thing that inspired you?

I had an amazing design meeting with one of the Djs i work with, where she is designing a dream collaboration.

And my niece all day every day.

What’s a favorite morning beauty, food, or get moving tip you may have?

Always try and map out your outfit the night before, even though sometimes I do a complete 180 in the morning. I also douse myself in coconut oil (hair, body) so I don’t have to moisturize in the morning, it’s life changing.
Women before 10am // jalune

How do you relax/take time for yourself daily?

I make an effort to work out 5-6 times a week after work. Spin 2x a week, Core fusion barre 3x a week, and a run on the weekend if it’s nice out. it’s the only hour of the day where I completely zone out for an hour and focus on myself.

What does your ideal day of rest look like?

I observe the Sabbath on Saturday, so from Friday sundown until Saturday sundown I go on full electronics and social media detox mode. I read everything, books, magazines, go for a run, hang out with friends, while my phone and computer are shut off somewhere in my apartment.

Five ways to practice gratitude

October 27, 2014

gratitudeThere is something about this time of year that brings out the reflective, pensive side of myself. Maybe it is the longer nights, the anticipation of another year passing by, or the nostalgia that comes along with the holidays – but I am in full-on Oprah mode right now. I have been reflecting on my own ‘what I know for sure‘ really trying to create the intentional and happy life I want.  I may be late to the party, but I have found myself coming back to gratitude. There has been a lot a buzz around the word ‘gratitude’ lately and I think it may be finally sinking into to my head that there is actual weight to that word that is casually thrown around. Practicing gratitude has really helped me to hone in on that fleeting idea of happiness and grounded me with a new perspective on what my own happiness looks like. Here are five ways that have helped me to practice gratitude. What are some of the ways you express gratitude?


Keep a journal – It doesn’t have to be a commitment – it can be just your stream of consciousness, a list, a random assortment of words – whatever way you find it easiest to get down on paper the things you are thankful for each day, just start writing. At first I found it hard to begin, but once I started making it a habit, I found my thought patterns throughout the day were naturally gravitating toward those positive things my life.


Reframe your thoughts – I know for me, when I let my negative thoughts run away with me, it is hard to gain a clear perspective. The trick is identifying when you are having a negative thought and trying to reframe it by seeing how it is probably based on a nonsensical idea to begin with. More importantly, you have the ability to call out those negative thoughts and replace it with a positive one. It may seem silly to engage in your thought patterns, but once you start doing so, you will notice the power of the positive thoughts as you go through your day.


Help out – It is amazing how you can learn so much about yourself by helping out others and in turn realize how much you really have in your life to share with the world. It could be walking dogs at an animal shelter, helping out with an organization like Habit for Humanity, or as simple as opening a door for something – it is these little things that help us realize the power of being connected to those around us.


Smile – Simply putting a smile on your face can brighten your mood and create a more positive outlook. Seeing things in a positive light illuminates all of the good things you have in your life and can bring a sense of gratitude towards the things you encounter. So aim to just smile a little more – to yourself, to your dog, to complete strangers and see how it feels.


Become present – As I have talked about before, practicing to be more present in your life can have great affects on your overall sense of happiness as well as help to reconnect with that which you are grateful for in each moment of your life. I know for me, it is so easy to get caught up in worry about the future or be stressed out about past events, but by being present those things fall away to reveal what matters in each moment.


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Five for Friday

October 24, 2014

Maddie the Coonhound by Theron Humphrey

Maddie the Coonhound by Theron Humphrey

Happy weekend, friends! How are you spending this weekend? The fall colors are been amazing here in Colorado, so I am hoping to do some hiking/wandering around to enjoy the last bits of the leaves changing. We are also hosting our annual pumpkin carving party on Sunday – looking forward to the piles of pumpkin seeds to roast! Have a wonderful weekend and here are some bits from around the web…


My favorite shell ever is back with a new video!


The sweetest makeover for the usual bleak portrayal of pit bulls.


OMG. Need to make this STAT.


Adding some substance to the frivolous affair I am having with pumpkins.


An insightful article on what you should really be spending your money on.


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Beauty food // Pumpkin Body Scrub

October 23, 2014

pumpkin_body_scrub_6This pumpkin body scrub combines 2 of our favorite things – using food as beauty products + pumpkin (yes, more pumpkin!). The super simple body scrub uses ingredients that are probably already in your kitchen plus the readily-available-everywhere-you-turn canned pumpkin (not to be confused with pumpkin pie filling!). Pumpkin is packed with vitamins A & C and antioxidants, making it the perfect skin food. This body scrub combines the pumpkin with coarse sugar or salt, honey, and coconut oil, and voila, a tasty fall treat for your skin!



1 cup course raw sugar or salt

1/2 cup pure organic pumpkin puree

1 Tbsp coconut oil

1 tsp honey

Combine sugar, pumpkin, coconut oil, and honey in a small bowl until blended.

Keep in an airtight container and store in the refrigerator.

The scrub will last up to a week in a fridge. You can also cut the recipe in half for a single use batch.pumpkin_body_scrub_3 pumpkin_body_scrub_7 pumpkin_body_scrub_2

Coffee Talk

October 22, 2014

coffee_talkCoffee is synonymous with conversation and since we cannot not have a cup together in person, we started this series to share our current ponderings as the next closest thing. So pour yourself a cup of coffee and join us for some coffee talk – we would love to hear about what is going on with you as well as tell you what has been on our minds lately.


It is finally feeling a little bit like fall in Southern California, with the temperatures cooling down a bit and the evenings becoming darker earlier. It’s not quite sweater weather, but a girl can dream (and live vicariously through her sister’s weather tales!) This past weekend my boyfriend, Zack, and I drove to Big Bear to actively seek out some autumnal vibes. Though it was just an afternoon, it definitely satisfied my yearning for some changing leaves and a crisp breeze.


As Halloween creeps closer, I am still trying to decide on a costume as there have been mentions of parties to attend.  Since we were little, our mom instilled in us not to buy costumes, but to make our own. One year I was a bunch of grapes – a green face and purple balloons attached all over me, Hillary was a snorkeler with a mask with cotton ball bubbles coming out of it, and our little brother was a knight in shining…tin foil! That said, I alway feel pressure to make it a costume to remember, even as an adult! Have you decided on a costume?


Is anyone else watching American Horror Story: Freakshow?!  It is so eerie and good, I can’t stand it. The characters are amazing, the acting incredible, and being someone who is more than slightly obsessed with the circus & circus history, the aesthetic gives me goosebumps of joy! Just look at these beautiful cast character photos to get a glimpse, don’t worry, no spoilers at this link.


Finally this past week has been really exciting as we have set into motion our first run of clothing! Everything is being made locally with gorgeous domestic fabric — we cannot wait to share more details of this process and the items with you soon.


Have a wonderful day!

xx. Jessica


Guest Post // DIY succulent garden

October 21, 2014

Today we are featuring a great DIY from Kellie Mountain of Mountain Decor. Her spin on the typical succulent garden uses any repurposed item you may have laying around and turns it into a unique planter.

DIY succulent garden

Take any prized collected piece, or even something you have laying around the house that you thought you didn’t want anymore and turn it into a planter!

DIY succulent garden

Materials needed:

•Container of choice

•Cactus soil

•Bark (or rocks) for drainage


•Succulents of choice- think variety of colors, heights, and textures

•Sticks — *optional (manzanita branches used here)



Step 1

Add a thin layer of bark for drainage.

DIY succulent garden

Step 2

Add your soil. Remember to leave some room at the top.

DIY succulent gardenStep 3

Start with your tallest plant in the back. Don’t feel you have to use all of the plant. I broke mine in half.

DIY succulent garden Step 4

Add any other “filler” plants.


Step 5

Add your shorter, focal plants towards front- known as the “thrillers”.

DIY succulent garden DIY succulent gardenStep 6

Put any “spiller” plants towards the front or off to the side.

DIY succulent gardenStep 7

Add moss. This helps stabilize the plants (if needed), keeps moisture in, and provides a finished look.

DIY succulent gardenStep 8

If your container of choice has a lid, try to incorporate it back into the planter.

DIY succulent gardenStep 9

Add sticks, if desired. In this case, the sticks provided a way to hold up and secure the lid in place. It’s also provides a nice texture and added dimension.

DIY succulent garden

Step 10

Water plants in. When working with such a small container, it is most important to not overwater your succulents. This is the #1 way to kill your plants. The best way to water them is with a spray bottle. All they need is a little mist. Especially when using containers that don’t drain (like the one I used here). You can also drill a hole in the bottom if you plan on keeping the planter outside. Depending on where you keep your planter, it will only need to be watered about every 2 weeks.

DIY succulent garden

Where to put your new succulent garden?

Something like this can thrive indoors or out. While succulents do like a lot of sun, they do best in a well lit room indoors (next to a sunny window is great) or part sun outdoors.


Kellie Mountain

Mountain Decor was born about 4 years ago. Kellie says “As early as I can remember I have been fascinated by home design and decor. I would rearrange my entire room about every other month or so starting at about age 7. I am constantly growing and changing in my style. Inspired by all things beautiful. Most recently flowers and nature seem to be the backbone of everything I do. I love things in their most natural, worn state. The services I offer range from home/ room re-design, landscape design, holiday decorating, and custom floral design based Southern California.”  You can contact Kellie via email at Mountaindecor[at] and follow her on instagram @mountaindecor


Inspiring Meditation Spaces

October 20, 2014

e9d20b4e131e6252d8708f207cb03a0bAfter talking about meditation last week, I got the urge to create a more defined “meditation space” in my house that would hopefully in turn inspire a more frequent meditation practice. I figure it is like getting that new workout outfit to get you motivated – a new “space” means I need to use it! Of course I took to Pinterest and fell down the rabbit hole of beautiful meditation spaces. They range from the simple yoga mat to ornate altars and pillows – a nice reminder that it is really about making it your own. Have you made a dedicated meditation space in your house?meditation space room Yoga-Meditation-Interior-Design-Photo-7 8771a6d5f245b9ae20de75e9c9ae1fd6 tumblr_mct1beXm821qe03voo1_500 large 44e16bbc2bf0be9ffabd33c5182cb293 3c121fae438cbd0249b8adde281b495c

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