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Five for Friday

January 30, 2015

tumblr_maluoxZmJB1qbz9meo1_500Happy Friday! Any fun plans this weekend? Are you watching the Super Bowl? I would watch if only for the commercials and food! We are heading out tonight to our favorite taco place with some friends where I am sure I will once again eat my weight in chips in guac before the food comes (I never learn!). Saturday night, we are going to see Whiplash at the little art theater here, I have heard great things – have you seen it yet? Have a wonderful weekend and here are some links from around the web…


Get ready, Tang is the next health craze


Timeless fashion advice.


great challenge I am gearing up to try.. (a pretty chart always helps too)


Way beyond our measly five senses.


Chocolate + Coconut = perfection.


Image of Twiggy at Disneyland, 1967


Daring Greatly // Julia Child

January 29, 2015

In this series, we are looking at women who have dared greatly in their lives and continue to inspire us to keep living our lives fully and passionately.julia child

Julia Child was 36 when she moved to France with her husband, Paul Child. It was then that she first tried French cuisine and decided she must make it accessible for Americans to make as well. It is easy to think that Julia Child, or any high profile person that has achieved great things doing what they love, may have just gotten lucky or had no doubts along the way about what they were trying to accomplish. But what I love about Julia Child is that she didn’t even start to cook until she was closer to 40 than 20. She had many roles before publishing her two volume cookbook (among many others), getting a PBS show, and becoming a ‘top chef’ – she went to Smith college to become a writer, went the NYC after graduation to work in advertising where she eventually got fired, and later she worked in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) as the liaison for U.S. government officials and their intelligence officers in Washington D.C. which was where she would meet her husband.



When we get out of college, we have a rosy picture of immediately diving into our career and continuing on a straight path, but in fact, life gives us so many twists and turns. If there is one thing Julia Child’s life has demonstrated, it is that it is never to late to change your mind, change your passion, or to start to live out a dream. Her book, My Life in France, is truly inspiring as she takes you through her adventure of learning to cook as a true beginner in one of the toughest cooking programs in France.

julia childjulia child

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

julia childjulia child

“Upon reflection, I decided I had three main weaknesses: I was confused (evidenced by a lack of facts, an inability to coordinate my thoughts, and an inability to verbalize my ideas); I had a lack of confidence, which cause me to back down from forcefully stated positions; and I was overly emotional at the expense of careful, ‘scientific’ though. I was thirty-seven years old and still discovering who I was.”

julia childjulia child

“Valentine cards had become a tradition of ours, born of the fact that we could never get ourselves organized in time to send out Christmas cards.”

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Women Before 10am // Inspiring Modern Women – Laura

January 27, 2015

In this series we are speaking to inspiring modern women and having them share their morning rituals and secrets with us. Meet Laura, a creative director living in LA, and see how she creates calm for herself in the busy city.

women before 10 jalunejane the jock jaluneTell us about yourself.


I am originally from Lousiville, Kentucky and in 2008 I moved to Los Angeles, California. Since living in LA, I’ve worked in fashion for the past 4 years as an Art Director. Currently I am Creative Director at Jane the Jock.


What time do you wake up in the morning?


My alarm is set for 6:30am but I usually wake up around 5:30am. Los Angeles is an extremely stressful city in itself, so waking up before the sun and before the daily grind makes me feel like I can find peace in such a hectic city. Every other day I’ll go to the gym for light cardio and weightlifting. After, I’ll have my vanilla latte and breakfast (which is typically eggs & bacon) and answer emails. I set my intentions for the day and try to meditate before I shower for the day.


What’s your coffee / coffee drink of choice?


I have a Nespresso machine and they make a mint chocolate flavored espresso, which is truly amazing. I’ll use two of those and steam some whole milk and vanilla creamer. It’s hard not to have seconds…

jane the jock jalune

What’s been a favorite or coveted place of yours to enjoy a cup of coffee?


It’s usually pretty chilly in my apartment (even for LA), so I’ll cozy up next to the heater with my puppy on my lap and latte in hand.


What’s the last thing that inspired you?


I recently purchased this lifestyle book for my coffee table, “The Outsiders, New Outdoor Creativity” (by Gestalten) and there’s a quote in the book that really stayed with me: “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. In a world full of ‘followers’ and ‘fans’, I think we could all use a little off-trail way of thinking.


What’s a favorite morning beauty, food, or get moving tip you may have?


Even if I don’t exercise I make a point to drink 16-ounces of water before breakfast. It’s a great way to get in 1/4 of the water you need for the day and it feels like a sort of ‘mini cleanse’ to help start the day.

jane the jock jalune

How do you relax/take time for yourself daily?


It’s definitely hard to ‘unplug’, but after I put down the gadgets and read a few chapters in whatever book it is I’m reading at the time (currently Lena Dunham’s, Not That Kind of Girl). I also find myself cooking dinner and tuning-out. I love to cook, so it’s nice to turn on Pandora and chop away at veggies


What does your ideal day of rest look like?


Rest days are the best day, you can find me lounging in my cozies and hanging with my pup, River. It’s pure bliss.

5 ways to stick to your goals

January 26, 2015

jane fondaSo it is the last week of January – one month down of 2015! The newness has worn off and routine has set back in for me. If there was a way to bottle that productivity spike and sense of renewal that comes with the New Year, I would do it in an instant. I have been thinking about my goals for this year lately and have been trying to keep them at the forefront of my mind – and keep giving them that New year’s treatment. I admit, it is way easier to just think about them than do something. The following are some ways I have found help me stick to my goals and start to take the steps get closer to them. What are some ways that help you accomplish your goals?


Write down a step by step plan – by writing down smaller, measurable steps to attain a big goal, it won’t seem so out of reach. So grab a notebook or a journal and write down every little thing that will add up to the big picture goal. This will automatically give you somewhere to start and give you something to cross off! Physically crossing off items on the list is SO satisfying – and in turn give you more motivation to keep going!


Bribe yourself – this may seem silly, but rewarding yourself for reaching little milestones toward you goal can help you stay focused and keep looking forward to the process. It could be anything, a nice dinner out, a new pair of shoes, or some fresh flowers. You are accomplishing something and there is no reason not to acknowledge it!


Share you goals – keep yourself accountable, share your goals with someone you trust and know to have your best interests. You can talk to them about what you need to get done or what you hope to have done in a certain time and just saying that out loud can raise the commitment level of your goals. Also, it can be great to get advice and feedback from their own experiences.


Keep an open mind – let yourself reflect on how things are shaping up, perhaps you need to shift some of the steps to your goal to make it work. Or maybe something comes up completely different and you want to focus on that instead. You can learn a lot about yourself in this whole process so allow yourself some flexibility and time to experiment with what works fro you.


GIve yourself a break – knowing when to give yourself some slack is super important to not feeling burnt out or discouraged about what you are trying to achieve. Sometimes taking a whole day off and doing something completely out of your routine can be just what you need to get inspired once again.


Image of Jane Fonda by Dennis Hopper, 1965


Five for Friday

January 23, 2015

66ac9d4ff68bda2850bdb70eaf499f3fHappy Friday! What are you doing this weekend? We have a mix of work and play this weekend, with a photoshoot Saturday morning (can’t wait to share!) followed by a hike to enjoy some of the milder weather. Sunday I am teaching my first yoga class, wish me luck! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and here are some links from around the web…


The nineties are back – or she just never left and never aged!


Routines are always weirdly fascinating when they aren’t your own.


One more routine that is beautiful.


Never Have I Ever…


Grown up, fancy pants granola bars. Yum.


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90’s Darling // Lounge Style Icon – Winona Ryder

January 22, 2015

Winona Ryder was in some of the most quintessential 90’s movies, including Reality Bites, Heathers, and Edward Scissorhands, among many others. She was a true 90’s girl, a bit goth, a bit grunge, and a bit tomboy, and it was this seemingly careless attitude towards style that eventually would bring her to icon status. It didn’t hurt either that she also dated Johnny Depp in the early 90’s, making them a style match made in heaven (I mean you couldn’t get any more 90’s than that!).

Winona Ryder had various short haircuts that were always slightly messy but with her signature dark lip, she always managed to look ready for the day. Now that short hair is everywhere these days – if you have actually taken the plunge to go short (I still can’t commit!), take some inspiration from Winona by embracing the I-just-rolled-out-of-bed look. And as we are looking towards spring, mix a floral with clunky boots or through on a leather jacket for the perfect outfit to take you from winter to spring. winona ryder stylewinona ryder style

Natural Beauty Hacks // Warm Water with Lemon

January 21, 2015

warm water lemon health benefitsAm I the only that feels like everyday there is some new all-natural beauty hacks/tricks/trends you *must* try? I am totally guilty of hearing about some of these so-called beauty trends and trying them even before I know why I should be. I am sure most of you have heard about how warm water with lemon first thing in the morning is good for you. This may be the simplest beauty hack out there and it actually does have a long list of healthy benefits. I have been trying to start my morning even before coffee (tough, yes) with a cup of warm water with lemon. I have grown to look forward to the subtle energizing drink that I can sneak in while walking the dog or checking emails. Here are some of the benefits from having warm water with lemon – have you tried it? What are some of your other natural beauty hacks you love?

warm water lemon health benefitsHydration – duh. It is a good way to sneak in more water into your day in general. Your lymph system needs to be hydrated and have water to replace fluids used by your body to run efficiently, when it doesn’t have the hydration its needs, this is when you can start to feel tired or have low energy.


Vitamin C – helps boost your immune system and is also great for your skin as vitamin C helps produce collagen that reduces wrinkles (and that is added to most anti-wrinkle creams). Just drinking water is also one of the best things you can do for your skin.


Detoxifying – the liver uses the leon to boost its enzyme production leaving it better equipped to do its job of cleansing any toxins and producing good bile for digestion to function well. Lemons are also a digestive aid, flushing out toxins and helping get rid of built-up junk in your digestive system.

warm water lemon health benefitswarm water lemon health benefitsClears Skin – Vitamin C is antimicrobial which helps reduce bacteria that would cause blemishes or acne. As mentioned before, lemon water reduces the toxins in your body and blood which helps to maintain clearer skin.


Anti-inflammatory – lemon dissolves uric acids, the stuff that builds up in your joins that causes pain and inflammation. The ascorbic acid in lemons aids in healing with its anti-inflammatory properties that reduces stress and injury in the body.


Balances pH – lemons are alkaline, which means they help maintain a healthy pH and adds in reducing too much acid that is the cause for many health issues. A healthy pH also means less of a chance for UTIs as well, so drink up if you are prone to them!warm water lemon health benefitsSources 1 / 2

Curio Corners

January 20, 2015

Yesterday we were talking about decluttering and freshening up your space yesterday – and as the quote by William Morris sunk in, I got to thinking, okay I can actually use that as a tool to go through my existing space and its things. But what’s next after deciding if it is useful or is it beautiful? I don’t want to stuff it back in a drawer or randomly placed on a shelf – that would miss the whole point! Okay, so maybe I was getting a bit to dramatic about my useful and beautiful possessions, but I decided that if it were worth keeping, it should be worth seeing each day. I love the idea of creating little corners or areas in your house that are devoted to these little things and where a collection of sorts can start to form. Here are some inspiring images of interiors that have done just that…

interiors interiors interiors interiors interiors interiors interiors interiors Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Useful and Beautiful

January 19, 2015

declutter organize

Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

—William Morris

I don’t know about you, but since the start of this year I have been working on starting the new year clean – I had big ambitions to get rid of the clutter, get my dresser drawers to close, rearrange the living room – and was trying to do it all the first week of the year. Quickly realizing this was a month long mission if I wanted to do it right, I relaxed a bit and am actually enjoying the steps of freshening up my living space.


The best tip I found that I put to use that made a huge difference – the genius outbox as described by Apartment Therapy that we mentioned back in this post. Pick a spot in your house or apartment that is not used daily, perhaps a corner, an extra closet or guest room and designate this your ‘outbox’. As you start cleaning, anything that you are unsure of its place, or whether you even want to keep, place in the outbox area. This way as you go, you don’t get slowed down with the “should I keep this? it doesn’t really fit my decor… or I love the way this looks on me, but I don’t think I have worn it in a year…” internal conversations. Leave the “maybe” stuff in the outbox, don’t worry about the chaos or mess that small designated area becomes, and let it be there for a week.


When you revisit after a week, spend 15 minutes putting a few things from the outbox in its place, the (maybe new) spot it belongs in, the donate pile, the recycling bin, or the giveaway bag. After rearranging the living room furniture in the with music blasting this weekend, I went through my outbox (the bed in the guest room) and donated most of the clothing to my boyfriend’s sisters clothing drive for her school, sold some to the local recycled fashion shop, and the rest to Goodwill. And I finally got my dresser drawers to actually close – victory!

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Five for Friday

January 16, 2015

tommy caldwll, yosemite, el capitanHappy Friday! What are you getting into this weekend? The only plans we have so far is having a few friends over for a screening of The Interview. Have you seen it yet? I hope it is good after all that hype! Beyond that, I am looking forward to a milder weekend, a trip to the dog park, and a lazy Sunday morning brunch. Have a beautiful weekend and here are some links from around the web…


Great post for those that may have had a financial resolution for 2015.


Hard to believe these paintings and clothes do not exist for solely each other. Stunning.


“Nothing happens without desire and passion,” Amen.


I need to out my dog in a photobooth STAT.


Another reason to add to why the waffle maker is the best invention ever.


Image of Tommy Caldwell, one of the two men that successfully climbed El Capitan after 19(!!) days on the wall – even Obama was impressed.