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Five for Friday

February 27, 2015

maddie_on_thingsHappy Friday! Any fun plans for the weekend? We just got dumped on with snow this week and are expecting more this weekend! I think sledding may have to be in order, followed by a House of Cards marathon and hot chocolate (that may or may not be spiked). Do you guys watch HOC? Have a great weekend and here are some link from around the web.


Finally, what it is really like living in a tiny house.


Definitely laughed out loud (and I am over 30, so I type that out).


Slurpee waves. Wow.


Because it hasn’t stopped snowing and all I want is cake.


Coffee stains aren’t always a bad thing.


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Shower Essentials 

February 26, 2015

shower_essentialsOne of my favorite rituals to decompress at the end of the day is a hot shower. I love the soothing hot water hitting me from above and the escape from everything. (You can’t take your phone in the shower!) The products I like to use when I’m showering also introduce aromas that soothe and relax.


Here are my current faves:


In the shower on my face, I wash off my days make up with Alaffia’s Daily Coconut Facewash. Gentle and cleansing it gets everything off and this fair trade company has a great commitment to helping the community.


In the shower on my body, I love Trader Joe’s Lavender Salt Scrub. Intoxicating soothing scent fills your shower and this natural scrub moisturizers and exfoliates your skin like no other. Plus it’s super affordable!


For my hair, we Jalune sisters have hair on the skinny yet tangly side, so weightless and conditioning is key. I love Acure’s Morriccan Argan Stem Cell + Argan Oil Shampoo. It smells amazing and doesn’t weigh hair down.


Conditioner I find Organix Biotin & Collagen Conditioner to do the trick, resulting in easy combing and little to no expletives while doing so.


Post Shower:

Alaffia’s Everyday Shea Lavender Body Lotion locks in moisture and smells amazing. The large bottle is affordable and has a pump for easy application.


Lastly, once a week I treat my skin to a Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Face Mask. This incredible mask pulls dirt and toxins out of your pores and leaves your skin refreshed.


5 ways to de-stress at work

February 25, 2015

de-stress at workSo I think it is safe to say we have all been there before – stuck at work under a pile of to-do’s, a coworker that seems to be out to get you, and you look at the clock and it is only 11am on a Wednesday. Even if you are in love with you job, it is inevitable to get stressed out by it (and if you don’t – please share your secrets!). I know for me, when I let stress take over, even minor tasks seems like I am moving in cement to get them done. I have had my fair share of work stress lately and so I have been trying to find a way to manage it and be more aware of what helps when I get stuck in that position. The following are 5 ways I have found help reduce stress at work. What are some of the ways help you deal with work related stress?


Leave your desk/office – No, not running away and finding the nearest bar, but leaving your desk to go get a coffee or walk around the block can help take your mental focus off whatever is stressing you out for a minute. If you can, go for a quick walk, it has been know to help boost creativity, which may be just what you need to come back to your desk to tackle the next thing.


Enlist the help of aromatherapy – Certain essential oils and scents are know for their stress reducing effects on the brain. Lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus are some the best oils to help de-stress for the scents (and all smells for that matter) go to the reptilian part of our brains that are responsible for danger and stress reactions. So light a candle, sprits some perfume, or make a cup of tea and take a minute to embrace you in hippy with these scents.


Vent – Not to your boss or coworker, but a friend or someone you can count on to listen to you swear non-stop for a few minutes. Just saying it out loud can help reduce the mental stress and space it is taking up in your brain. If you don’t have anyone you can talk to at the moment, then write it down! Either way, it can also help you put it into to perspective and help you remember it will not last forever either!


Meditate – So yeah, we talk about meditation a lot, but meditating at your desk for even just a few minutes can help lower your blood pressure and detach yourself from stressful thoughts you are having. Bring some noise-canceling headphones to work and put on a mediation podcast or music and zone out for a bit.


Quit your job – Well maybe not this instant, but if stress at work is a constant for you, it may be something to seriously look at. Are you in a toxic environment? Are you doing a job you really do not like or believe in? Staying at a job that continuously stresses you out can not only impact your life outside of work in your relationships with friends and family, but it can have negative health effects as well. It may seem extreme, but considering you have just this one shot at life, it is not worth it to spend it stressed out all the time!


*bonus: watch the movie 9 to 5 if you haven’t already! Image from the movie of Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, and Jane Fonda

Soundtrack Daydreams // Jalune Playlist 

February 24, 2015

soundtrack daydreams // jalune playlistAfter watching the Oscars this past weekend, I was inspired to put a mix together with some of the incredible songs from some of my favorite movies. Whether it is a song perfectly synced to an important moment or even recorded specifically for a film, all of these tracks transport the listener to a place of emotion with or without the accompanying imagery of the movie. A new favorite is ‘Walk Unafraid’ from the movie Wild, an incredible R.E.M. cover by First Aid Kit, our fave sister band. It joins the mix that includes Radiohead’s “Talkshow Host” from Romeo & Juliet, the classic, “The Weight” from Easy Rider, Aimee Mann’s contribution, “Save Me”, to Magnolia, Mazzy Star’s “Sweet Jane” cover for Natural Born Killers and more…  I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I enjoyed making it!


Ira Glass on the Creative Process

February 23, 2015

creative process ira glassWe have talked a little about creativity on the blog before, about how it is inevitable to come across creative blocks and what to do when that happens. Being in a creative industry as well as loving to create (paint, draw, take photos) for pleasure, creativity is a big part of my life. I am, of course, always curious about other ‘creative types’ and their experience in following their own passion fueled by this creativity. I came across this video the other day and was completely struck by its message – which was refreshing and different and so true. In under 2 minutes, Ira Glass put creativity and the creative process in a totally different perspective that will really change how you look at it all. Here is the video on the creative process if you’d like to take a peek. What are are some your favorite ways to be creative?



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Five for Friday

February 20, 2015

tumblr_mmf4wiSyyk1qcmz51o1_1280Happy Friday! Are you doing any fun this weekend? We are supposed to get 18 inches of snow, so I foresee our weekend consisting of comfort food, Netflix, and wine. We are having a game night Saturday as well, going old school with Pictionary! What is your favorite game to play with friends? Have a lovely weekend and here are some links around the web…


No. NO. (But, I did have a pair back in the day).


The best part of the SNL40 last weekend. SCHWING.


The (LA) hills are alive with the sound of music.


Everything she touches turns to style gold.


This looks like the perfect meal to hibernate with this weekend.


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Girl Next Door // Lounge Style Icon – Liv Tyler

February 19, 2015

Liv Tyler suddenly came into the spotlight in her father’s music video– that father being Steven Tyler of a little band Aerosmith and the video being “Crazy”, a shock in the nineties with Liv and Alicia Silverstone dancing in a strip club. Even thought the video may have been not-so-innocent, Liv continued into an acting career where she quickly became the girl next door in her roles and style. She has grown up in the spotlight with her family history, relationships, and having a family all out there for everyone to see, yet she still remains graceful and down to earth amidst it all.


Liz Tyler has always had a low key approach to style, beginning with her crop tops, skirts and boots uniform from Empire Records to donning a pair of chucks in the 90s (that she has worn ever since). Her style is the perfect mix of casual and sexy, with big messy hair and a simple cat eye or bright lip to go with simple pieces. This look is perfect for the weekends, when doing (or even brushing) your hair doesn’t need to be a priority. Just find a favorite pair of jeans, throw on a striped shirt, and some chucks. Then either focus on your eyes or lip and you are ready for anything the weekend may bring!

liv tyler style iconliv tyler style icon

Tiny House Dreaming

February 18, 2015

As minimalism is gaining traction in the fashion world with capsule wardrobes cropping up on blogs all over the place, the same revolution is going on with houses. The smaller the house, seemingly the more creativity goes into designing a functional space and more often than not it results in a quite beautiful space. While I am not ready to stuff my life – clothes, dogs, boyfriend, office – into 200 square feet just yet, the idea of simplifying and streamlining living is becoming more attractive (as more clutter living and working in the same spaces builds up). Perhaps I will just have to ease into this type of living – maybe starting with a tiny cabin in the woods to escape to! Would you ever live in a tiny house?

tiny_houseThis is perhaps the most famous tiny house, with a documentary following the entire building process, and is a mere 127 sq. feet in Colorado.

tiny_house_cabinThis cabin in upstate New York is a luxurious 300 square feet – and completely off the grid. It is just a vacation house, so it might be something I could get into!

tiny_house_siloThis is a 190 sq. foot silo in Phoenix, AZ and all of the design was based around the curves of the structure. The architect and owner, Christoph Kaiser, said “I didn’t want to cheat and do a box inside a curved shell”. So amazing!

Women Before 10am // Inspiring Modern Women – Hilary C.

February 17, 2015

In this series we are speaking to inspiring modern women and having them share their morning rituals and secrets with us. Take a peek into the mornings of Hilary, a designer based in Boulder, CO, and see how she creates balance between work and play with the help of the great outdoors.

women before 10 jalune women before 10 jalune

Tell us about yourself. 


I work as a graphic designer and illustrator, primarily in the field of web design. Outside of work, I do figure drawing weekly, screen print occasionally, and contribute photography to a free online resource library. I love living in Boulder, CO, since there are so many beautiful places to unwind outdoors. I also like to travel, especially when surfboards, snowboards or bikes are involved.


What time do you wake up in the morning?


I despise alarms, but I get up naturally around 6:30am. Lately, I’ll pour a bowl of cereal or oatmeal and write three pages stream-of-consciousness style in a journal. The rest of my morning until about 8:30am is reserved for keeping up with design blogs, seeking inspiration for current projects, and sketching. Working from home sometimes, I love that my morning commute can be a super short one from the bedroom to the office. But I’ve got to force myself not to check emails until 8:30am; otherwise I get sucked in and start my official workday early.


What’s your coffee drink of choice?


I am a coffee lightweight, so I add a hefty amount of almond milk each morning. And I’ve got to regulate my intake, or else I get jittery and can’t hold a pencil (or Wacom stylus) steady! But on days when I throw caution to the wind, I’ll indulge in a “Spruce Juice” from Spruce Confections in Boulder, which is a delicious, cold-brewed coffee.

women before 10 jalune

What’s been a favorite or coveted place of yours to enjoy a cup of coffee?


The best place to enjoy a cup is on the first morning of a vacation, when you have all that free time stretched out in front of you, maybe on an empty beach with cold sand and warm air – that sounds ideal. A close second would be in the summertime while people-watching at an outdoor table on Pearl Street in Boulder or South Broadway in Denver.


What’s the last thing that inspired you?


Oh, wow…there is so much! One of the most recent things that inspired me a great deal was a Goya exhibit at the Boston MFA, which I saw in December. I loved seeing his skillful (if somewhat stuffy) court paintings alongside his more emotive etchings.


What’s a favorite morning beauty, food, or get moving tip you may have? 


In the last year or so I switched to a standing desk at work, which has made me less worried about becoming a hunchbacked old lady. And, for personal safety, it’s important to set a limit on the amount of internet browsing I do daily – it’s no substitute for living real life!

women before 10am jalune
How do you relax/take time for yourself daily?


For me, mountain biking, running, or hiking are the best ways to clear my head. When I’m exercising, my brain is too busy making my body move to worry about anything else. That frees up the subconscious parts of my brain so they can clear out any junk floating around up there.


What does your ideal day of rest look like?


To be truly restful, I think you need to be able to set obligations completely aside. If some portion of your brain is busy keeping track of your to-do list, you can’t fully unwind. For me, an ideal rest day would involve tiring myself out completely with a long mountain bike ride in the wilderness, followed by a wine-and-cheese picnic in Chautauqua Park, topped off by a star gazing session. And, for good measure, there would be lots of puppies and a fat slice of chocolate cake.


Monday Inspiration // Sergei Polunin

February 16, 2015

sergei poluninWhile I am sure most of you have seen this video for Hozier’s song Take Me to Church, directed by David LaChapelle. featuring ballet dancer Sergei Polunin, I couldn’t help but post it. It is stunningly beautiful and has put the spotlight onto ballet, something that rarely crosses into mainstream media these days. As this video seemed to pop up everywhere, I wanted to know more about the dancer that gave the raw performance in an empty house covered in tattoos.

sergei poluninSergei Polunin is a currently a ballet dancer for the The Stanislavsky Music Theatre in Moscow. He has had a full life in the ballet dancer at only 25, he started dancing when he was 8 and became the youngest principle dancer at the Royal Ballet at 19. While he has had all of this success, he has struggled with his own identity and artistry, which lead him to shocking the ballet world and leaving the Royal Ballet at 22. He was pigeonholed as the bad boy of ballet, and his growing number of tattoos didn’t help his cause. But as any artist can relate to, with the intense pressure and sense of self that is wrapped up into your craft, it can be hard to remember why you are doing it all. He was quoted as saying “In a way, I did feel like the artist in me was dying,” as told the BBC. Watching the video again (and again) it is almost as if this self reflection and artistic struggle comes through in every movement. You must watch the video below if you haven’t already – or if you have – watch again knowing a little more about the tattoo covered ballet dancer.

sergei polunin

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