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Because, Coffee

September 29, 2015

Happy National Coffee Day // Josh HaraHappy National Coffee Day! Sure there is a national holiday for pretty much everything, but coffee is one we can get behind. There is no better morning ritual than making that first cup of coffee and slowing down for just a minute to enjoy it. Or no better way to make the time to catch up with a good friend over the buzz of an afternoon coffee. So in honor of Coffee Day, here is a roundup of home of our favorite ways to make said coffee (if you are not getting your free coffee elsewhere <—– note: Starbucks isn’t giving out free coffee, but donating coffee trees!) What is your favorite way to enjoy a cup?coffee_jalune












Top Image by Josh Hara


Five Ways to Embrace Fall’s Shorter Days

September 24, 2015

Five Ways to Embrace Fall's Shorter DaysYesterday was the fall equinox, meaning the amount of daylight was equal to that of night, and now the daylight hours are slowly decreasing. While I am not ready for it to be dark at 4:30pm, I do love the way this time of year does makes you slow down. Along with the shift in daylight, the air gets cooler, and activities inevitably move indoors. While I am a summer person, needing the sunlight and warmth, I thought I would consciously try to make the most of the change of seasons this year instead of complaining about how dark it is each day. Here are a few ways I am going to try to embrace the shorter days of fall. What would you add to this list?


Cook seasonally – there are some many great warming recipes that use all of the root vegetables that are in season right now. Make it a point to try a new recipe for a soup, curry, or noodle bowl that will fill your house with amazing smells (and last the whole week!).


Find a good book to read – there is nothing better then finding a book that you cannot put down and fall is a great time to get back into reading (after those guilty pleasure beach reads). We even are having a virtual book club if you want to join!


Find a new craft or hobby – it is so easy to become a Netflix addict when you are seemingly at home all the time, but break out of that rut and find something new to learn or do with your hands. Maybe it is something you loved when you were a kids, like coloring, or maybe it is that thing you saw on Pinterest that you are finally going to to do. Whatever it is, let yourself get away from screens and get a little messy.


Cozy-up your place – indulge in making your place a comfortable sanctuary that you want to be in. Add some candles (hello pumpkin spice), hang some globe lights, or add some soft blankets to make being indoors often more inviting.


Have a game night – or potluck or wine club, really anything that gives you the excuse to get people together. It is easy to lose motivation when it is dark upon getting out of work, but having a recurring gathering gives you something to look forward to!


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Fall Book Club // Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

September 23, 2015

Fall Book Club // Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert We thought it would be fun to pick a book we were excited to dive into this fall and have a virtual book club of sorts. We invite you to join us in reading in this book, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. We are really excited to get into our copy. Her Ted Talk about creativity is one of our absolute favorites and we cannot wait to hear more about her approach and perspective on this topic. In her newest book, the author of Eat Pray Love shares her wisdom on creativity, staying inspired, and tackling fears about letting go and getting creative.


We will revisit the book in mid-October after we have read it and would love for you to join us in reading it now and then discussing later! Check out Elizabeth discussing her book recently here.


Are you reading any other good books this fall?


Image by Marcel Christ


Ryan Adams x Taylor Swift

September 21, 2015

Ryan Adams x Taylor Swift
Who would have imagined that Ryan Adams and Taylor Swift would be a match in musical heaven? Ryan Adams has just covered Swift’s entire 1989 album, infusing the pop princess’ album with his signature melancholy tone. And I am obsessed. The lyrics seem to cross over flawlessly to his singer-songwriter moniker. You can stream the entire album on YouTube if you’d like, it is already on repeat for me! What are your thoughts about this cover album?


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Five for Friday

September 18, 2015

Five for Friday // journal de jalune
Happy Friday! Any fun plans this weekend? The weather has cooled off just enough to take advantage and get outside for a hike on Saturday. We are also going to see Everest, which I am sure will have me biting my nails the entire time (why do we do this to ourselves??). Lastly, I am looking forward to hitting up the farmer’s market for all things fall, squash, apples, pumpkin. Basic, yes. Have a wonderful weekend and here are some links from around the web…


Facebook is adding a dislike button, yay or nay?


Because you’ve always wanted to know if you’d get your period in space.


Speaking of space, these images are stunning.


For your FOMO on NYFW.


A spiralizer’s dream recipe.


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Design Ideas // Cozy for Fall

September 17, 2015

It may the Norwegian in me, but I cannot seem to get enough of shearling. It is the perfect way to add some coziness to your home when the weather starts to get cooler (any day now!). The Scandinavian style is easy to mimic, throwing a shearling blanket over your bed or couch, adding a few fuzzy pillows, or simply throwing a warm rug down by your bed to sink your toes in when you wake up. If you aren’t down with having the actual animal skins around, there are plenty of gorgeous faux options that are just as soft (like this rug or blanket). All you need to add now is the hot chocolate and roaring fire (a girl can dream, it is still 90 degrees.) What is your favorite way to cozy-up your house?Design Ideas // Cozy for FallDesign Ideas // Cozy for FallDesign Ideas // Cozy for FallDesign Ideas // Cozy for Fall Ideas // Cozy for Fall

Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Autumn Wardrobe Update // Downloadable Paper Doll

September 16, 2015

Autumn Wardrobe Update // Downloadable Paper DollThere are certain wardrobe pieces I covet when fall weather hits, easy pieces that can be dressed up or down, layered upon, and never go out of style. Stripes and a bright lip are a fall go-­to for me, as well as denim, boots, coffee, and a good bag. Anxious to grab some boots and hot coffee already even though summer weather is still lingering, I looked around for some fresh updates to my fall uniform. I was also reminiscing about paper dolls the other day and decided it would be fun to make some modern paper dolls wearing what I want to wear this fall!

Download & print this paper doll and see yourself how great these fresh updates look. All items are made in the US, plus one made responsibly in Italy. Enjoy!


1- Striped Shirt

2- Flare Leg Jeans

3- Sleek Backpack

4- Handmade ceramic travel mug

5- Boots

6-  Bra & Panty


Five for Friday

September 11, 2015

five for friday // journal de jaluneHappy Friday! These 4 day weeks should become a regular thing IMO. Do you have any fun plans this weekend? It is my guy’s birthday weekend which has us heading to a whiskey distillery tour and then out for beer and sausages with friends Saturday (<—- definition the manly bday party). Sunday I am looking forward to getting started with a 40 day yoga challenge – a great way to offset said birthday festivities! Have a beautiful weekend and here are some links form around the web…


Misty Copeland is having a (deserved) moment.


Habits for happiness.


For when you have been scrolling through Netflix for 25 minutes and still haven’t found anything good to watch.


If I am forced to watch football, I am at least making these.


As a member of the RBFC (resting bitch face club), I applaud you, Serena.


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Fall Hair Inspiration

September 10, 2015

As the season starts to change, the fashion, produce, menus, coffee offerings, makeup palettes and general vibe tend to shift as well. While the weather may be a bit behind right now (um holy heatwave here in the Los Angeles area) we are surrounded with all things synonymous with fall (thanks PSL), making us want to change our daily surroundings and dig out our favorite fall boots and beanies. It’s a great time to make little changes in our daily lives too. Like kids fresh start at school, we can start something new or get back to something that maybe fell by the wayside this summer. Adopt a new positive daily habit, write more, try that new workout, wear more colors, cook seasonally, among many others!


Something I am going to try this fall is to add a little variety to my hair looks. More often than not, it is just air dried as I run out the door, ponytail for a workout, or a lazy day braidHere are some I found that I am going to try to mix into my weeks this fall (a few would also work great for workouts)! Click on the links in caption for the how-to info! What’s your go-to hair style?


1 Triple Twist1 – Triple Twist Pony – how to & image by Twist Me Pretty

2 low half up knot

2 – Low half up Knot – how to & image by Treasures & Travels

3 messy french twist

3 – Messy French Twist – how to & image by Irrelephant

4 - crown braid

4 – Crown Braid – from Luckyshops

5 low bun

5 – Low Bun – from Elle

6 sleek parted pony

6 – Sleek Parted Pony – how to & image by Cup of Jo

Bonus link: mastering that messy bun



Just Chill // Cold Brew Pops

September 8, 2015

cold brew coffee popsiclesEven though the end of summer was just celebrated this weekend with BBQs and beach days, but it definitely hasn’t cooled down yet. This weekend while trying to beat the (hopefully) last bout of heat, I finally made the cold brew coffee popsicles I had on my list of summer treats to try. Using this easy recipe as my base, I adapted it by using coconut cream to make it vegan and agave nectar to naturally sweeten the popsicles. To make, I poured about a half an inch of the agave-sweetened coconut cream, letting it freeze for an hour and then added my cold brew leftover from that morning. Easy peasy! It was the perfect pick-me-up on a hot day!