5 ways to create more positivity

January 5, 2015

5 ways to create more positivity So as I mentioned before, I am not a huge fan of resolutions and their tradition of “fixing” something that is “wrong”. I do, however, like to reflect on what I can do to create my best life (yes, Oprah may own that term) from day to day. What I have been realizing more and more is that we do have the choice to create whatever we want in life (seems obvious, I know) and we have the choice to be happy. And so it is from this realization that I am making it a point to focus on being more positive. Here are some ways I have started to bring more positivity into my life. How do you cultivate positivity in your life?

Set goals – they don’t have to be huge I-am-going-to-hike-Everest goals, but something to focus your energy towards can help to create a positive outlook on the future.  Create a list or even an inspiration board to help motivate and inspire yourself to actively pursue these goals each day.

Take time to do one thing a day that boosts your mood – watch that dog video, read an inspiring blog, call a good friend, or take a bath. All of these little things add up and can help to create a positive environment in your day to day routine.

Surround yourself with like minded people – take a step back a bit and look at your relationships, who do you feel most like your self around? Who is able to make you laugh? WHo can you call at any hour of the day? These are the relationships to cultivate, anything less may not be worth it.

Write down one (or more) positive thoughts a day – it doesn’t have to be a full on journal entry or written in some elegant prose, just a quick note of what made you smile, what you accomplished that day, or some funny joke you heard. It is a great way to make a habit of looking for the positive things in life – and is great to reflect on as the list grows.

Meditate – I am sure you saw this one coming and the word may be everywhere nowadays, but practicing meditation can help to separate yourself from that inner dialogue of negative thoughts and worry. Just sitting with yourself for 5 minutes day can allow you to see that you are more than these thoughts that run through your head and that worrying about the past or future just takes away from the positive happening right now.


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