5 Ways to Feel Good while Traveling

March 19, 2015

5 ways to feel good while travelingIt is the time of year where planning trips seems to be on everyone’s mind, whether it is for spring break, the slew of spring weddings, or just some warm destination after a long winter. I know for me, whenever I step near an airplane I get sick, so I am usually armed with vitamins and supplements. But feeling good while traveling goes beyond just the airplane, it is being able to have the most energy to soak up those precious vacation days. Here are some ways I have found help me feel my best when traveling. What are some of your go-to feel good travel tips?


Make an airplane care package (for yourself) – Flying can do a number on your body drying out your skin, affecting your digestion, and exposing yourself to a plethora of germs. Each time I fly, I notice my ‘travel kit’ expanding – and it includes the following: rosewater spray for your face to moisturize and refresh, hand lotion, lip balm, immunity supplements, noise canceling headphones (key for both escaping that crying baby and for not having to have small talk for the duration of your 5 hour flight), sleepmask, snacks (lots of snacks), and of course those guilty-pleasure magazines (we’re looking at you, US Weekly).


Make it point to exercise – Whether it is biking around a new city, trying a new activity like stand-up paddleboarding or snorkeling, or even just walking instead of getting a cab, having some regular movement will help with your energy levels, help you sleep better (especially in different timezones), and will help keep your metabolism humming (and ahem keep your regular). It is also a great way to see a city from another perspective (beyond the tour bus!). One of my favorite thing is to get up early and go for a run before the tourists are out and before any plans for the day have been made.


Drink water – I usually have a water bottle glued to my hand regardless of travel, and I have even started to bring my own refillable bottle, which saves a ton of money (if the water is drinkable where you are traveling!). Staying hydrated will again, help with digestion, and help with the dehydrating effects of airplane travel.


Meditate – Yes, meditation always seems to pop up on these lists, but continuing to meditate even while traveling can help to calm your body and mind from the extra stress traveling can stir up. It will also help with getting a good night’s sleep and leave your mind open and present to make the most of your travel experience.


Let it go! – As our favorite Disney character, Elsa says, just let it go – and have fun! Even if you fail to do the aforementioned, it is okay to give yourself a break!  You are on vacation from the to-dos, the shoulds, and routine. Embracing where the moment takes you can be one of the best parts of traveling. So revel in sleeping in, staying up late, eating dessert with every meal, and just losing yourself in new experiences.


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