5 ways to stick to your goals

January 26, 2015

jane fondaSo it is the last week of January – one month down of 2015! The newness has worn off and routine has set back in for me. If there was a way to bottle that productivity spike and sense of renewal that comes with the New Year, I would do it in an instant. I have been thinking about my goals for this year lately and have been trying to keep them at the forefront of my mind – and keep giving them that New year’s treatment. I admit, it is way easier to just think about them than do something. The following are some ways I have found help me stick to my goals and start to take the steps get closer to them. What are some ways that help you accomplish your goals?


Write down a step by step plan – by writing down smaller, measurable steps to attain a big goal, it won’t seem so out of reach. So grab a notebook or a journal and write down every little thing that will add up to the big picture goal. This will automatically give you somewhere to start and give you something to cross off! Physically crossing off items on the list is SO satisfying – and in turn give you more motivation to keep going!


Bribe yourself – this may seem silly, but rewarding yourself for reaching little milestones toward you goal can help you stay focused and keep looking forward to the process. It could be anything, a nice dinner out, a new pair of shoes, or some fresh flowers. You are accomplishing something and there is no reason not to acknowledge it!


Share you goals – keep yourself accountable, share your goals with someone you trust and know to have your best interests. You can talk to them about what you need to get done or what you hope to have done in a certain time and just saying that out loud can raise the commitment level of your goals. Also, it can be great to get advice and feedback from their own experiences.


Keep an open mind – let yourself reflect on how things are shaping up, perhaps you need to shift some of the steps to your goal to make it work. Or maybe something comes up completely different and you want to focus on that instead. You can learn a lot about yourself in this whole process so allow yourself some flexibility and time to experiment with what works fro you.


GIve yourself a break – knowing when to give yourself some slack is super important to not feeling burnt out or discouraged about what you are trying to achieve. Sometimes taking a whole day off and doing something completely out of your routine can be just what you need to get inspired once again.


Image of Jane Fonda by Dennis Hopper, 1965