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Snowglobe Mix // Jalune Playlist

December 17, 2015

Holiday music playlist // journal de jaluneAs the holiday season is officially upon us, a good festive playlist always gets me in the mood while baking, gift wrapping, egg nog drinking, etc. I also love cheesy holiday films and TV episodes, favorites being Elf, The Holiday, Friends (the one with the Holiday Armadillo!), and Festivus from Seinfield. To embrace the fun and chaos that this season brings, here is a festive playlist with a folky vibe. It includes many modern twists on holiday classics from She & Him, the Avett Brothers, Andrew Bird, Calexico, The Civil Wars, Dylan, and more. Hope you enjoy!



Ryan Adams x Taylor Swift

September 21, 2015

Ryan Adams x Taylor Swift
Who would have imagined that Ryan Adams and Taylor Swift would be a match in musical heaven? Ryan Adams has just covered Swift’s entire 1989 album, infusing the pop princess’ album with his signature melancholy tone. And I am obsessed. The lyrics seem to cross over flawlessly to his singer-songwriter moniker. You can stream the entire album on YouTube if you’d like, it is already on repeat for me! What are your thoughts about this cover album?


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A Little Bit Country // Lindi Ortega

August 19, 2015

A Little Bit Country // Lindi Ortega I recently stumbled on the musician Lindi Ortega and she is now on heavy rotation for me. I cannot get enough her new album “Faded Gloryville”. Like our last music post on Leon Bridges, Lindi’s music is timeless and transports you to a different era. Her soulful country songs are reminiscent of my favorite era of country, the seventies. Her voice has elements of Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris, and carries emotions beautifully, whether more hauntingly quiet in the gorgeous title track “Faded Gloryville” or full force in “When You Ain’t Home”


Lindi, who moved to Nashville from Toronto, recorded her album in Nashville and in Alabama at the famous Muscle Shoals studio known for its rich R&B and soul history and draw to legendary musicians like Bob Dylan, The Rollings Stones and Aretha Franklin. The album is full of standout tracks including an incredible cover of the BeeGees “To Love Somebody”. Another favorite of mine (though I would call them all favorites!) is “Run Down Neighborhood”,  that has a clever duet chorus that reminiscent of Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris. You can check the whole album out here if you’d like!

A Little Bit Country // Lindi Ortega A Little Bit Country // Lindi Ortega


Musical Time Machine // Leon Bridges

April 7, 2015

11084811_1634148156819105_1686618704_nI just had to share my latest obsession, Leon Bridges. I have had his songs on constant repeat and cannot get enough of the Texan’s vintage soul sound. His style, voice, and even his all black and white Instagram pictures transport you back to the days of Sam Cooke and Jackie WIlson, but Bridges was in fact born in 1990. Here are some of his pictures from Instgram as well as the video for ‘Coming Home’ if you’d like to see! I can’t wait for his full album!

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Soundtrack Daydreams // Jalune Playlist 

February 24, 2015

soundtrack daydreams // jalune playlistAfter watching the Oscars this past weekend, I was inspired to put a mix together with some of the incredible songs from some of my favorite movies. Whether it is a song perfectly synced to an important moment or even recorded specifically for a film, all of these tracks transport the listener to a place of emotion with or without the accompanying imagery of the movie. A new favorite is ‘Walk Unafraid’ from the movie Wild, an incredible R.E.M. cover by First Aid Kit, our fave sister band. It joins the mix that includes Radiohead’s “Talkshow Host” from Romeo & Juliet, the classic, “The Weight” from Easy Rider, Aimee Mann’s contribution, “Save Me”, to Magnolia, Mazzy Star’s “Sweet Jane” cover for Natural Born Killers and more…  I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I enjoyed making it!


Sisters in Music // Spotify Playlist

November 12, 2014

sisters_in_music_playlistThe only thing that would top starting a creative business with my sister would be making music with her. Only issue is we are definitely musically challenged, I never got past Nirvana Chords on the guitar, and our shower voices are closest to ‘Turn Back Time’ Cher on a good day.  But we share a deep love and passion for music. And to celebrate sisterhood and music – here’s a playlist I created of my favorite sister bands. It’s on the mellow and melodic side – nineties grunge sisters in The Breeders to my favorite Brooklyn sister act On Air Library building into some Haim and Heart and many more. Enjoy!