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An Inspired Mother’s Day // Robin + Koko

May 11, 2015

Hope you all had a great weekend! In honor of Mother’s Day this past weekend and all of the mothers that have influenced and inspired us, we thought it would be fun to profile a mother and get a glimpse into her experience as a mother. And just because we love all of the mommas in our lives so much, we are extending our ‘Treat Mom’ promo until the end of today. Receive 15% off your purchase from Jalune using promo code TREATMOM15. It is not too late to treat your mom (or yourself)!


Meet Robin Furlong Tojo. She lives in Fountain Valley, CA with her husband, Ken, and son, Koko, who is 2 1/2 years old. 

mothers_day_jalune_3Favorite things about being a mom to Koko: I’ve really given this so much thought, and I can’t tell you one thing that is my favorite. I love everything about him. I perhaps can fine tune a favorite to his facial expressions and his dance moves. He also amazes me how he pumps his arms in such a way when he walks or jogs like an old man with 5 lb weights, it’s hilarious. He has the sweetest voice and face to hear and see first thing in the morning, and he is the most adorable sleepy child at night before he goes bed. To be very honest, I still don’t believe that he is MY son and that I am his mother. I’m in disbelief, and I don’t know when the day will come when I will understand the reality. He is my angel. Life is weird.



What I’ve learned about myself from being his mom: I just want to be a good person. I am a better citizen, a better environmentalist, and a better nutritionist. I just want everything to be good for him. I want to do what’s right, and I want to raise a good human being who is a gentleman.


Favorite way to relax: Ballet, definitely. It’s just so peaceful, and I love classical music so much. I even listen to it for fun, Chopin being my fav and Debussy coming in close. It takes great posture, alignment, pace, and muscle control to practice. It really focuses my mind, helping to clear out all the motherly worries and allows me to focus on me. It’s so important to remember to take care of yourself; when you’re a mom all you think about is your child, it’s hard to think about yourself. Ballet is the gateway to my personal focus and reminds me that I need to be healthy in order for Koko to be healthy. I also love to go to the movies, it’s like my therapy. I can get lost in the film and experience so many different emotions, like ringing out a wash cloth, and then I can go home happy and relaxed!


Robin is wearing the Jalune Breezy shirt in blue and the oversized dolman dress in olive. For every purchase made, $10 is contributed to the Mark Taper-Johnny Mercer Artists Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles through Art of Giving.


Behind Journal de Jalune

March 16, 2015

jalune4How was your weekend? It felt like summer in Colorado and we tried to make the most of the sunshine by riding bikes, going for a run at sunset, and eating outside. I hope this temperature trend continues! We have been getting more and more questions about us, Jessica & Hillary, the sisters behind the blog, and so I wanted to take a minute to reintroduce ourselves if you are new to our blog! Journal de Jalune is a blog that we started to address the modern woman’s spiritual and healthy journey to feeling beautiful inside and out, and it accompanies Jalune which is based on the same philosophy. I, Hillary, am based in Boulder, CO after living in LA for 6 years, where Jessica still resides. We had always been creative growing up, and while we continued into creative fields of work (graphic design, fashion, and the music industry), it was not the same as creating something of our own. And TOGETHER. It has been an amazing journey so far with creating the space that is Journal de Jalune and seeing Jalune grow.


Today, we are also so excited to a part of the Boulder Business Feature on Jennifer Egbert is an incredible business woman and a luxury real estate agent based in Boulder. She has always been a proponent of local businesses and supports the local community. Here is an excerpt of our interview if you’d like to see, and you can read the full interview here. Again, thank you Jennifer Egbert for the feature!


We love reading Journal de Jalune. Who writes for the blog, and where do you find inspiration for such great topics?

Thank you! Currently, we are writing it all ourselves, so it means a lot hearing positive feedback from our readers. Our inspiration comes from everywhere, the women in our lives, books, articles, music whose content strike a chord with us, our own issues that come up in our day to day life. We also find inspiration by taking a step back and being an observer – seeing with fresh eyes that the little things in life that we all have in common.

What are some of your favorite recipes that have been featured on your blog?  Are there any, in particular, that are a “must-try”?

That’s a tough one – we love food (and coffee!). The recipes we feature are all made with whole foods, making them healthy all the while still being an indulgence. A few of our favorites are the coconut hemp macaroon squaresvegan cornmeal waffles, and the beautiful lavender infused cappuccino.

Who is your favorite lounge style icon of those featured in your series?

Oh, that’s a good one. Jessica’s is probably the Women of Aspen 1971, based on the band of women that flocked to Aspen in the 70’s for skiing and bonding with each other. Hillary’s is Clémence Poésy, the French actress who is the embodiment of French style, casual and put together at the same time.


We would to hear from you if you have any other questions or suggestions for us! Have a beautiful day!


Desert Daydreams

March 9, 2015

joshua_tree_2 Joshua Tree is one of our favorite places on earth and happens to be just over 2 hours away from LA. It is the perfect escape from the city and the unearthly landscape transports you to another world. Here are some photos from a recent trip out there if you would like to see. You can read more about our favorite Joshua Tree spots in this Wander + Explore post too!joshua_tree_6joshua_tree_3 joshua_tree_4joshua_tree_8joshua_treejoshua_tree_5 joshua_tree_10Jessica is wearing the cozy oversized dolman dress in olive from Jalune.


Art of Giving // New stationery!

March 2, 2015

Growing up we had it instilled in us the importance of a handwritten note – whether it was a thank-you note, a birthday card, or just letter to say hello. These days they seem to be becoming more and more rare as facebook posts and texts have taken over. I will admit when I do handwrite something now it takes me a minute to get back into groove of writing and have it not to feel awkward! So, inspired by bringing back the days of the handwritten note, we have created a set of greeting cards for Jalune and the Art of Giving. 100% of proceeds go to the Mark Taper-Johnny Mercer Artists Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

art_card_jalune_2art_card_jaluneRead more about this special program we feel so passionate about giving back to.


Art of Giving

February 13, 2015

jalune children's hospital los angelesWe are proud to announce that we will be giving to an important cause with every purchase made from Jalune. We believe in the art of giving and hope you will be inspired by this great cause.


Growing up in our home we spent hours drawing, painting, putting on plays for relatives, and enjoying music together as a family (and then separately as teenage angst took hold!) Creativity was the most valuable and abundant currency in our home, which then evolved and expanded as we became adults. This passion for the power of music, art, and creativity is why we feel equally passionate about giving back to the Mark Taper-Johnny Mercer Artists Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.


For each purchase made on our site we will donate $10 directly to this special program to help them buy art and music supplies used to help patients and families decrease anxiety, pain, and improve moods, ultimately helping kids get better faster. We feel that what they do is so amazing and valuable that we want to regularly contribute to their cause.


The Mark Taper-Johnny Mercer Artists Program helps treat the whole child, instead of just the symptoms. Through art and music, the program helps alleviate anxiety, provides psychological support, and offers creative outlets for self-expression for better health outcomes.


Read more about this program here.


Treat Yourself or Your Favorite Lady // Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

February 11, 2015

This Valentine’s Day take a tip from Donna and Tom and “Treat Yo Self”! to something lovely. Or just leave this gift guide open on your laptop as a *subtle* hint for your significant other. Like our previous gift guides, these gifts are all crafted in America (and one in Canada!).

valentines gift guide // journal de jalune

one – sing into your hairbrush with “I am Only Human and I Need to Be Loved” Bamboo Hair Brush made by Gypsy Pea Magoo (Chelsea) // Made in Long Beach, California


two – feel luxe with the Matte Red Lip Crayon from Bite Beauty, food grade lip care // Made in Toronto


three – sleep in with the Jalune “A Beautiful Rest” Sleep Mask // Made in Los Angeles


four – warm up with a handmade Moonrise Mug // Made in Sedona, AZ


five – indulge in the latest Issue of Darling Magazine // Printed in the USA


six – splurge on a handcrafted Leather Purse by All Hands // Made in NYC


seven – pamper yourself with Bath Salts from Mullein & Sparrow,100% natural and fully plant-based apothecary line // Made in NYC


Rituals of Rest Contest winner!

December 23, 2014

The rituals of rest contest has come to a close – we loved seeing all of your rituals of rest, from knitting to bubble baths to a of good cup of coffee. It is a great reminder, especially in the holiday season, to take a little time for yourself. Our winner is Kathleen, who finds her ritual of rest cuddling with her dog. What is your favorite ritual of rest?Screen shot 2014-12-23 at 10.54.16 AM

Holiday Survival Kit

December 22, 2014

It is officially the week of Christmas! Time seems to have speed up for the holidays, so I am looking forward to some days off and having some down time in between the entertaining and obligations. We have already rounded up some great gift guides (incase you need last minute help!), but we thought we should make a guide for you – a survival kit of sorts – as reminder to give your self some time to relax (or give yourself reprieve) in between the busyness/family/outings. Here are some of our must haves to survive this time of year. What would you add to the list?holiday_survival_kit
clockwise from bottom left


Sex in the City, the whole series – necessary for every modern woman’s library!



Good Pair of Over the Ear Headphones – There is something special about retro styled headphones that cover your whole ear and create a world of sound. Earbuds are great for daily convenience and working out, but for traveling or just trying to escape from whatever holiday chaos, these over the ear ones from Skullcandy sound amazing and take you away. Try our sister playlist to get away from all the crazy!







Jalune Rituals of Rest Contest

December 16, 2014

Sleep_mask_jaluneWe are excited to announce our first official contest!
Enter to win our COVETED SLEEPMASK which is made in America with organic cotton, FREE SHIPPING FOR LIFE, and bag of OUR FAVORITE COFFEE!


How to enter:
Follow us on Instagram, @journaldejalune, and share your rituals of rest with us. Just take a photoof your own rituals of rest – what do you love to do to unwind, relax, refresh and reboot?Tag it #ritualsofrest, and tag us, @journaldejalune.


One lucky winner will be chosen and announced on December 22. Good luck!


Cozy Night In // Gift Guide

December 8, 2014

Did anyone else have those advent calendars filled with little chocolates growing up? If I had one now (which I totally should’ve gotten one!) there would be 8 little doors open and 8 little chocolates gone… which basically means that Christmas is just around the corner! Have you started/finished your holiday shopping? I am way behind this year! We put together this last minute gift guide series in case you are in need of ideas like I am! The first gift guide is all of the makings of a cozy night in – a fire and hot toddys not included (though necessary!). All of these cozy items are also Made in America and let you know exactly where your gifts are coming from!

cozy_holiday_gift_guideone – Jalune oversized dolman dress // Made in Los Angeles, CA  twoFancy Tiger hand poured soy candle // Made in Denver, CO  threeJalune sleepmask // Made in Los Angeles, CA  fourL.L. Bean Cotton Ragg knee high boot socks // Made in Vermont  fiveMountain Rose Herbs Evening Embrace Aroma spray // Made in Eugene, OR  sixMukluk Acorn slippers // Made in Ely, MN  sevenWoolrich Vista View blanket // Made in Pennsylvania