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Fall Book Club // Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

September 23, 2015

Fall Book Club // Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert We thought it would be fun to pick a book we were excited to dive into this fall and have a virtual book club of sorts. We invite you to join us in reading in this book, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. We are really excited to get into our copy. Her Ted Talk about creativity is one of our absolute favorites and we cannot wait to hear more about her approach and perspective on this topic. In her newest book, the author of Eat Pray Love shares her wisdom on creativity, staying inspired, and tackling fears about letting go and getting creative.


We will revisit the book in mid-October after we have read it and would love for you to join us in reading it now and then discussing later! Check out Elizabeth discussing her book recently here.


Are you reading any other good books this fall?


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Rituals of Rest // Adult coloring books

July 27, 2015

I will admit after a long day of working in a creative field, more often than not the last thing I want to do is be creative in my free time. While winding down for me does include ‘good’ things like going to yoga and reading, it also includes watching TV and mindlessly looking thru my Instagram feed for far too long. While wanting a new ritual to add to my routine, I’ve noticed that adult color books are gaining in popularity as a pastime that is not only creative, but also is relaxing and meditative. A coloring book gives you (literally) the outline to flex your creative muscles, which can help to get over that creative barrier that exists in a blank page waiting for you to draw or paint on, which for me after ‘having’ to be creative for work is a relief. Adult coloring books also bring with them the nostalgia that most people have for coloring as kids and captures a sense of play that we as adults forget to make time for. I just ordered Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book by Johanna Basford which has been on Amazon’s 10 top ten best sellers list for ALL books. I can’t wait to break out the colored pencils, turn off all screens, and start coloring. Below are a few more coloring books that look amazing. Have you colored at all lately?

Adult Coloring Books

Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book by Johanna Basford

Adult Coloring Books

Adult Coloring Books

Adult Coloring Books

Adult Coloring BooksAnd last but not least: COLOUR ME GOOD RYAN GOSLING colouring book.


Shoulder Opening Yoga

July 21, 2015

I know for me, I hold a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck. Sitting at a computer all day doesn’t help, but then add in some of my favorite activities like stand up paddleboarding and swimming, and my shoulders tighten up like a vice. The shoulders are the largest joints in the body so it is important they are both mobile enough for the wide range of movement of the arms and stable enough to provide the support in pushing/pulling actions. Enter this quick yoga sequence that combines shoulder strengthening poses with shoulder opening poses. This is the perfect 20 minute sequence that you can squeeze at the end of your workday to give your shoulders some much needed attention. Of course, always be mindful of starting any new exercise routine and stop if you feel any sharp pain. What are your favorite shoulder openers?

shoulder opening yoga sequence

Here is the sequence along with some helpful links about each pose:

1. downward dog

2. crescent lunge with bind

3. revolved crescent lunge

4. vinyasa to downward dog (repeat a & b on left)

5. eagle pose

6. dancer’s pose

7. tree pose with reverse prayer hands

8. prasarita with bind

9. thread the needle pose

10. locust/bow pose

11. bridge/wheel pose

12. happy baby

13. supine twist

14. savasana

Aromatherapy Basics

July 6, 2015

Aromatherapy Basics“Aromatherapy can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.”, according to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.


I have always been interested in aromatherapy but honestly a little intimidated by all of the info out there. I appreciate the subtle transportive nature of certain scents used sparingly yet effectively that I have experienced and even dabbled in myself. I have found pure lavender essential oil to be approachable with its ability to be mixed into almost everything, including our DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner. Rosewater is my post workout go-to facial spritz for a quick refresher. As I go further into finding which other more obscure scents work for me, I wanted to take the time to share some basic info I found that has helped me in my journey.


Ways to use Essential Oils:


-Dilute with water in a spray bottle, shake, and use to freshen the air.

-Massage onto skin (lavender & tea tree can go directly onto skin, others mix with an oil like olive or jojoba).

-Dot on pulse points for use as a perfume

-In a bath, dilute with a carrier oil (carrier oil also known as base oil or vegetable oil, is used to dilute essential oils and absolutes – examples: olive oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, etc)


A Few Favorites


Lavender – Used in baths, sprays, lotions, oils and more, lavender promotes a calm and relaxed feeling. In one study, people exposed to the smell of lavender oil while waiting for a dental appointment reported feeling less anxiety than did those in an unscented room.*

Add a few drops to a warm bath to relax after a long day, mix with water in a spray bottle to mist into the air, or put a few drops on small piece of fabric to keep on your nightstand or under your pillow to ease you into sleep.


Patchouli – Yes, the hippie scent of choice. A polarizing scent that people either love or hate, patchouli has many awesome qualities if you enjoy its distinct character.

Emotionally, patchouli essential oil is also said to connect one to their own body and feel more self-love. In this way it compliments exercises that encourage body mindfulness, such as tai chi or yoga. It can also help to relieve anxiety or stress, the things we often feel when we begin to disassociate and feel ungrounded or unbalanced. **

Put a couple drops in the palm of your hand, cup over the nose and mouth, and breathe naturally for several minutes, massage into the soles of the feet and back of the neck, or rub on your wrists for an earthy perfume.


Tea Tree – Centering and grounding, melaleuca oil (melaleuca alternifolia, or more commonly known as tea tree) has been used for centuries by cultures around the world to heal wounds. Tea tree oil can treat bacteria, fungi, viruses and stimulate the immune system.

One of the more common tea tree oil uses is for acne – dab a very small amount on zits or breakouts.


Rose – A familiar and feminine scent, rose is most commonly used for emotional balance and skin health. Rose is said to have the highest vibrational frequency of any other oil, and opens ones heart and soul to love and spiritual connection. It calms stress and fear and can help heal relationships, both outer and inner with one’s self.

As mentioned in the intro, Rosewater made of the essential oils like this one is my favorite to spritz on my face. It not only smells amazing, but it moisturizes and helps balance the complexion.


Bonus – on the subject of essential oils & skincare, we love this blend by our friends at S.W. Basics of Brooklyn – a Facial Cleanser of organic rosewater-and-glycerin base and add a tiny bit of organic tea tree oil.


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Hip Opening Yoga

April 6, 2015

I know that now that spring is underway and the warm weather is here, I have been taking more of my workouts outside – mainly in the form of hiking and running. I have always been notoriously lazy when it comes to stretching after a workout (I usually just end up sprawled out on the floor for a good 20 minutes), but after a particularly long hike that left my hip flexors tight for days, I figured I should get my act together. Enter this quick yoga routine that is perfect for runners, hikers, or anyone with tight hips that sits at a computer too long (raises hand!). This sequence of poses helps to open the hips, a place in the body that holds a lot of tension and can affect your range of motion in both your legs and spine. These poses can get intense, but as long as there is no sharp pain, it is normal (just remember to breath!)– of course, always be mindful of starting any new exercise routine! What are your favorite post run/hike stretches?

hip opening yoga

Here is the sequence along with some helpful links about each pose:

downward dog

a. runner’s lunge (right side)

b. crescent lunge (right side)

vinyasa to downward dog (repeat a & b on left)

figure four

hero pose (or reclining hero)

pigeon pose

double pigeon

happy baby 


In Your Dreams // Back to School

January 14, 2015

In this recurring feature, we are going to exploring the meaning of dreams and their symbolism. Are there any symbols you would like to know about?


Have you ever had a dream that you are back in school? Back in your old high school or an unfamiliar school that is supposively familiar, maybe you are calm or maybe you are late and panicked. Perhaps you are wandering the hallways, late to class, or trying to find your locker. Maybe you are already in the classroom, taking a test, or listening to a never-ending lecture.


Dreaming about school is one of the most popular dreams. Most often dreams about school are anxiety dreams, relating to concerns about yourself, your abilities, and success. Maybe it relates to something from childhood that still bothers you or has not been resolved.


But often it can be a metaphor for what you may be ‘learning’ in real life. You may be “back in school” in your real life and the feeling of wanting to learn, trying to understand lessons, and the anxieties that go with it are there as well.


Many school dreams include a test. This is often said to symbolize self-evaluation. Perhaps there is something you want to improve upon in your waking life. Or perhaps you are fearful and anxious about meeting to other people’s expectations.


I just recently had a dream about wandering my old high school hallways for what seemed like forever. I seemed to have no real schedule to follow, just passing by classrooms in session and going down hallways full of lockers looking for mine. Have you ever had a dream about being back in school? What was your dream like?


Detox Yoga

January 12, 2015

It never fails that when January rolls around, the words detox and cleanse are everywhere you turn. And yes, I am guilty and adding fuel to the fire by calling this yoga sequence ‘detox yoga’. But you know what – it is. This short sequence is full of twists which have an inherent detoxifying result. They improve digestive function by increasing the blood flow to the digestive organs and delivering fresh oxygen and nutrients, and increasing circulation that enables detox on a cellular level*. Basically this means twists can help get things moving – which is one of the most important part of detoxing, to eliminate the bad and stuck stuff! This sequence is perfect to fit into your everyday routine, add to your cleanse if you happen to be on one, or just when you feel like your digestion is off. Happy twisting!detox yoga

Here is the sequence along with some helpful links about each pose:

cat-cow to warm up your spine

downward dog

sun salutation A (2-4 times or as needed to feel warmed up)

vinyasa to downward dog

a. crescent lunge into twist (right side first)

b. warrior 2

c. triangle 

d. twisting triangle (repeat  a-d on left)

utkatasana (chair pose) with prayer twist (hold 5 breaths on each side)

seated half twist pose

supine twist





sleepy-time yoga

November 19, 2014

Somehow we are just about a week from Thanksgiving, time seems to be flying by! This time of year is inherently stressful and busy for me, and I am sure a lot of you can relate. There are those end of the year projects at work to wrap up, the shopping list for the holidays, planning for travel, the list goes on. When I get stressed, the first thing I notice is that I have a harder time falling asleep because my mind will not turn off. As we have talked about before, there are many things you can do to help yourself fall asleep faster, but one of my go-tos lately has been doing yoga before bed – well actually IN bed! It is not some elaborate yoga sequence, but rather a few poses that helps stretch and relax the body and mind, all from the comfort of your own bed (you can still do them on a mat if you’d like). Check them out below if you would like! How do you unwind for bed when you are stressed?

bedtime_yogaHere is the sequence along with some helpful links about each pose:

seated forward fold (Paschimottanasana) – hold for 5 breaths

legs up the wall (Viparita Karani) – use a wall/headboard or put your pillow under your tailbone to elevate your legs – hold for 10 breaths

happy baby (Ananda Balasana)

supine twist (Supta Jaṭhara Parivartānāsana) – hold for 5 breaths on each side

butterfly (Supta Baddha Konasana) – place one hand on your belly and one on your heart – hold for 5 breaths

savasana – lay there until you fall asleep!


Announcement // Jalune & our movement for A BEAUTIFUL REST

November 18, 2014

jalune_presale_2 jalune_presale_3 jalune_presale_4As you may have noticed, our blog is all about exploring and sharing ways to bring balance to daily life and creating rituals of rest. Rest as a place to simply be, to wind down, or ease into awakening – physically, mentally, and spiritually.


We are excited to announce the next chapter in our movement to restore value of a beautiful rest that has been overlooked for far too long in this hectic day and age.


We want to outfit your important moments of sleeping, relaxing, and lounging. We believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between style and comfort. We have updated loungewear in modern silhouettes and gorgeous fabrics that are versatile beyond rest. All of our clothing uses locally sourced domestic fabrics sewn in downtown Los Angeles by sewers that are all paid living wage.


JALUNE’s first pieces are about to go on sale exclusively through our website!


We have handpicked 3 of our favorite items that we cannot wait to share with you.


Our presale will begin soon! Stay tuned as we countdown to the launch of JALUNE.


Thank you for joining our movement for A BEAUTIFUL REST.


Share your Rituals of Rest with Jalune






5 Ways to Make it through the Holidays (and enjoy it!)

November 10, 2014

holiday_survivalThe holidays are slowly creeping up on us – okay more like charging towards us like a heard of wild horses. I mean really, how is Thanksgiving a little over 2 weeks away?! I do love this time of year though, even though I can get caught up in the whirlwind of festive foods, glittery garland, and perfect presents. Every year I make a vow to try and slow down, enjoy it more, and stress about it a little less. Here are five ways that I have found have helped me to make it through the holidays with a little more joy and less worry. What are some way you have found help you through this time of year?


Exercise – I know that this may be the last thing you feel like you have time for – especially when it is dark and cold out now too, but I know that when I still get regular exercise I feel more energized, relaxed and ready for the family/travel/work parties. It may not be possible to keep up with you current routine, especially when there is travel involved, but aim for something rather than nothing – talk a walk with the fam in your childhood neighborhood, do a 15 minute HIIT workout in your hotel room, or drag your cousins to a local yoga class even if it’s their first time (especially if it’s their first time!). Bonus: it also makes holiday cookies taste better, I swear.


Take time for yourself – As we have talked about on the blog before, it is so important to take time for yourself, even when you feel like you have a million things to do and million places to be. By taking care of yourself, you are then able to be the best version of yourself that is ready to be there for others. So don’t be afraid to say you need a break, it is much better than showing up for the party with your eyes crossed from too much holiday pinterest browsing for the perfect pumpkin pie recipe.


Indulge – and don’t stress about it after. There are so many yummy/boozy things that come along with this time of year – pumpkin pie, spiked eggnog, christmas cookies – the list goes on. There is no reason not to enjoy these treats, they only come along once a year! But more importantly, don’t beat yourself up about it. What you put into to your body is not only food, but negative thoughts as well. Try and give yourself a break and slow down to enjoy it all. You may find that simply savoring that piece of pie, you are probably satisfied and don’t want that second piece anyway.


Find a way to give back – it does not have to be a huge gesture or a major time commitment, it can be as simple as donating to a canned food drive, buying a toy for Toys for Tots , help your stressed friend/neighbor/family member prepare for their own gatherings or suggest a friendsgiving in the form of a day of community service instead of another giant meal (I mean we really don’t need 2 Thanksgivings!). In whatever form it takes, giving back and practicing gratitude can bring a great sense of community, tradition and memories beyond the commercialization of the holiday season.


Do what you can –  There can be a lot of obligations and expectations surrounding the holidays and I know this is where I get the most stressed out. I try to remind myself that I can only do so much and I am not Martha Stewart (though even she is not perfect!) – and that’s okay. So only go to the parties/gatherings that you want to, only buy what you can afford or better yet make gifts if you are a gift giver, if you are hosting, don’t be afraid to ask people to chip in and bring food/drinks etc. By remembering that it is supposed to be a fun time of the year and not getting caught up in trying to do it all and you allow yourself time to enjoy it.


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