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Sister Sister // Lounge Style Icon – the Haim sisters

July 28, 2015

With legs and hair for days, the Haim sisters have an easy going rock n roll style that is polished, gritty, and heavy with seventies influence. As sisters, we love seeing the similarities and differences in sister style with other sister sets.


The 3 sisters together plus drummer Dash Hutton make up Haim the band (Haim is their last name – Hebrew for “life”, pronounced HIGH-im). Este the oldest sister is on bass, Danielle on guitar and lead vocals, and Alana the youngest on guitar and keys.The sisters grew up outside of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley, playing music together in their garage and then as a sixties cover band. They formed Haim in 2007 and in 2013 they released their first full length, the excellent Days are Gone. After a nonstop 2 years of touring, the sisters have taken some much deserved time off and are now back in the studio working on their much anticipated second album. We can’t imagine how much fun it must be to share such a special musical bond and get to tour the world with your sisters! Big fans of their music (as is Stevie!) – we are also equally in awe of their effortless style.

The common style denominators with all three girls are straight long hair parted down the middle, leather jackets, denim, tiny dresses or skirts, and demin shorts. Whether in their stylistically awesome music videos, rocking on stage live, major editorial photoshoots, or at glamourous event they tend to always keep a few of these elements. Black, white, and denim blue are their neutrals, with an occasional pop of deep primary colors. Dresses are mod, skirts are leather, and black is best. Take a cue from the sisters and never second guess if a motorcycle jacket will go with that dress. Wear a polished blazer with your cutoffs when the summer days cool down at night. Check out some of our fave looks and get inspired!

Sister Sister // Lounge Style Icons - the Haim sistersSister Sister // Lounge Style Icons - the Haim sisters

All American // Lounge Style Icon – Lauren Hutton

June 30, 2015

WIth the Fourth of July coming up this weekend, we are feeling a little patriotic around here and who better epitomizes the all American style than Lauren Hutton. Lauren Hutton has been a style icon since she began modeling in the 70s, gracing the cover of Vogue magazine 28 times. Known for her non-conventional looks (her infectious gap toothed grin) and her non-conventional attitude (a vocally independent woman of the 70s), Hutton has been able to make a living as a model well into her late 60’s, as well as crossing over into a successful acting career.


It is hard to pick a favorite of Hutton’s most iconic looks, from the safari styles of the 70s, to the American glamour, and her easy tomboy style (and arguably the originator of norm-core). From a blend of these styles, Hutton has created an ageless all American style. For this holiday weekend, take a nod from Hutton’s style and embrace denim on denim, with either jean shorts or skirt and layer it with a jean jacket. This simple look is perfectly paired with air-dried hair and natural makeup – meaning less time getting ready and more time to enjoy the long weekend!

lauren hutton style iconlauren hutton style icon


Who’s the Boss // Lounge Style Icon – Jenna Lyons

May 20, 2015

The ultimate boss lady, Jenna Lyons, is the bad ass strong business woman running J. Crew. As the Creative Director and President of J. Crew, she has succeeded in modernizing the preppy brand, running the successful American company and keeping its influence relevant. We could go on about all her amazing accomplishments and career advice (and her stint on HBO’s ‘Girls as Hannah’s boss) but since this is a Lounge Icon post, let’s get into her signature look that we can’t get enough of. Her personal style is so unique that its influence is obvious in recent catalogs and ads more than ever. Quirky yet classic, she takes everyday separates and elevates them with her glam-­meets-­tomboy twist.


She stands 6 feet tall and usually has heels on. Her dark hair is straight, often sports a bright pop of lipstick, and is rarely seen without her signature black rimmed oversized glasses. Her combination of textures and prints are unexpected yet always work. Denim jackets under camel coats,­ stripes and flowers, even a bow-tie! Last year when Solange Knowles got married in New Orleans, Jenna wore an amazing feathered skirt ­and last minute threw on a white shirt to go with it, sparking outfit envy all over the internet. Jenna is endlessly inspiring and constantly setting trends. For this spring, take a nod from Jenna’s layering, and drape your jacket over your shoulders for the perfect in-between spring weather look. Top it off with a bright lip and bold glasses for an instant polished look. Take a look at some of our favorite looks of hers.jenna lyons // lounge style iconjenna lyons // lounge style icon

Keeping up with the Jones // Lounge Style Icon – Rashida Jones

March 18, 2015

Rashida Jones is unlike most children that grew up with famous parents (Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton). Although she grew up in the midst of Hollywood, she knew she wanted to go to Harvard at the age of 4 – and she did. She set out for Harvard majoring in Philosophy and Religion before her return to LA for acting in mainly comedic roles that included Parks and Recreation (duh) and I Love you Man. As well as writing and acting in the almost too realistic love story Celeste and Jesse Forever. She has brought her down-to-earth, somewhat what goofy, but always beautiful spin to all her characters and has emerged as an actress and screenwriter that has given another facet to what a leading lady should look like.


Rashida Jones’ style is somewhat conservative in the eyes of Hollywood, but that is what makes her so approachable. She often pairs a structured jacket over more feminine pieces, resulting in a casual tomboy look that she effortlessly embodies. Her natural beauty shines through with little makeup beyond a bright lip and slightly undone hair and bangs that frame her face. Her style is the perfect inspiration as we come into spring and the temperatures are slowly rising. Layering a jacket or blazer over a spring outfit will take you from the warmer days and straight into the cooler nights. Pick up a new shade of lipstick you haven’t worn before and let that pop of color be your accessory for the day! rashida jones style rashida jones style

Girl Next Door // Lounge Style Icon – Liv Tyler

February 19, 2015

Liv Tyler suddenly came into the spotlight in her father’s music video– that father being Steven Tyler of a little band Aerosmith and the video being “Crazy”, a shock in the nineties with Liv and Alicia Silverstone dancing in a strip club. Even thought the video may have been not-so-innocent, Liv continued into an acting career where she quickly became the girl next door in her roles and style. She has grown up in the spotlight with her family history, relationships, and having a family all out there for everyone to see, yet she still remains graceful and down to earth amidst it all.


Liz Tyler has always had a low key approach to style, beginning with her crop tops, skirts and boots uniform from Empire Records to donning a pair of chucks in the 90s (that she has worn ever since). Her style is the perfect mix of casual and sexy, with big messy hair and a simple cat eye or bright lip to go with simple pieces. This look is perfect for the weekends, when doing (or even brushing) your hair doesn’t need to be a priority. Just find a favorite pair of jeans, throw on a striped shirt, and some chucks. Then either focus on your eyes or lip and you are ready for anything the weekend may bring!

liv tyler style iconliv tyler style icon

90’s Darling // Lounge Style Icon – Winona Ryder

January 22, 2015

Winona Ryder was in some of the most quintessential 90’s movies, including Reality Bites, Heathers, and Edward Scissorhands, among many others. She was a true 90’s girl, a bit goth, a bit grunge, and a bit tomboy, and it was this seemingly careless attitude towards style that eventually would bring her to icon status. It didn’t hurt either that she also dated Johnny Depp in the early 90’s, making them a style match made in heaven (I mean you couldn’t get any more 90’s than that!).

Winona Ryder had various short haircuts that were always slightly messy but with her signature dark lip, she always managed to look ready for the day. Now that short hair is everywhere these days – if you have actually taken the plunge to go short (I still can’t commit!), take some inspiration from Winona by embracing the I-just-rolled-out-of-bed look. And as we are looking towards spring, mix a floral with clunky boots or through on a leather jacket for the perfect outfit to take you from winter to spring. winona ryder stylewinona ryder style

Our Favorite Tomboy // Lounge Style Icon – Diane Keaton

January 7, 2015

The original garçon manqué (tomboy in French), Diane Keaton, just celebrated her 69th birthday a few days ago, and she is still as stylish as ever. Her effortlessly cool outfits are what you would expect to see in a street style snap on the Sartorialist. Diane’s signature mix of menswear, hats, and glasses have made her a fashion icon for decades now.

Most famous for her role as Annie Hall in Woody Allen’s 1977 iconic film of the same name, Diane actually dressed herself for that role, sparking copycats from that moment on. With the colder weather of the winter setting in, it is the perfect time to play with layering and mixing in a couple menswear pieces to outfits. A crisp white shirt is the perfect foundation for softer sweaters or a cozy scarf. Top off an outfit with a men’s hat for an unexpected alternative to the winter beanie. It is hard to not to love her style then and now, take a look at some of our favorite classic DK looks below for more inspiration…


Je ne sais quoi // Lounge Style Icon – Clémence Poésy

December 18, 2014

Clémence Poésy is a French actress known for her roles in In Bruges, Harry Potter(s), and Last Love. She seamlessly goes between the role of actor and model, as well as between both French and English speaking rolls. Her style is similar, a blend of both casual and put together, in such a way only the French seem to be able to pull off! Clémence’s style is approachable, with her hair never done too perfectly and her makeup natural with a pop of a bright lipstick.

This holiday season when there are parties to go to and holiday dinners to attend, Clémence’s subtle but sultry style is spot on when trying to figure out that perfect balance between getting all gussied up and the I-just-threw-this-on look. Instead of being perfectly polished from head to toe, try a bold lip color with hair slightly undone and messy. Mix more structured, tomboyish pieces with a softer tank or shirt and a sparkly accessory. It is this combination of the unexpected that leads to that je ne sais quoi.


Retro Winter // Lounge Icons – the Women of Aspen 1971

November 11, 2014

As the weather gets cooler and the holidays draw near, I long for winter wonderland scenery and the clothes to match! My ultimate winter daydream is to be transported to the Seventies to a snowy lodge, drinking hot toddies with my sister by the fire and watching the handsome men (who look to Burt Reynolds and Steve McQueen–their fashion idols) come in from skiing. Until that time machine is perfected, these photos from LIFE magazine will have to do!


The seventies was the golden age of skiing and Aspen was the place to go. Jack Nicholson, Hunter S. Thompson, Steve Martin, starlets, pro skiiers – they all played there. These photos were shot by John Dominus in 1971. The article that accompanied the photo was called “A Very Nice Kind of Ski Bum” – ha!


Let their long wild hair, fresh faces, and epic style inspire you to add some ribbed turtleneck sweaters and headbands to your wintry lounging.


These women were looking for an escape from the current job choices and traditional lifestyle, and they found their like-minded sisters in Aspen. From the original article in the March 1971 edition of LIFE magazine: “The women figure why wait until you are 40 to have fun… ‘The reason we stay,’ says New Yorker Chris Elkins, ‘is there’s a real sense of community. People are easy to meet and they let you be what you want to be.”


Double Take // LOUNGE STYLE ICON – Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

November 4, 2014

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen rarely need an introduction. The tiny actresses who played Michelle on Full House have grown up and created a billion follow fashion empire. If you were to look at their fashion beginnings of overalls and pigtails, you may question how this transformation happened, but the Olsens has become style icons in their own right. They have an approachable style that never feels too done up. Their modern take on the classics is achieved by layering, mixing textures, and taking risks. They play with silhouettes that usually short girls would shy away from and tend to leave their hair and makeup natural.

As the weather is getting colder, it is the perfect time to take a cue from the Olsens in your everyday style. Layer chunky knits over tights or dark jeans, top with a scarf, and leave your hair still slightly messy from when you woke up for a casual look. Add some rings and your favorite sunglasses and you are ready to tend to your own empire in the making. 

olsen twins lounge style icon olsen twins lounge style icon