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Original Gypsy // Lounge Style Icon – Stevie Nicks

October 8, 2014

Shawls, scarves, boots, and flowing dresses – no one does that layered style better than the original gypsy herself, Stevie Nicks. She is an icon both in music and fashion. Influencing musicians with her other-worldly voice and mystical lyrics both in Fleetwood Mac and as a solo artist since the seventies. Her grace and dignity throughout her rollercoaster career has stayed intact all the while never losing her badass-ness. Her fashion style, being truly her own and unwavering through the years, has been just as significant of a cultural influence. Her pretty and decidedly feminine style was a refreshing change in the male dominated rock fashion influence and her style resonated with many musical successors, fans, and designers that have embraced bits of her look throughout the years.

This look of gorgeous layers that flow as she moves, usually comprises of these common elements: long dresses or skirts, shawls, boots, and chiffon. Add in some lace, velvet, hats, or leather to complete. Stevie says this came to be partially came from trying to make herself look larger on stage. At 5’1” she used shawls and scarves as wings on stage, chiffon skirts flow large as she ethereally spins with the music and platformed boots gave her height.

As autumn approaches and we try to transition summer clothes to fall, the stylish easy way is to take notes from Stevie. Try a vintage piano scarf or shawl over your favorite summer dress with tights and boots. Throw a beautiful kimono or robe over your cut-offs like a jacket and pair with a hat. Lounge around in flowing oversize pieces. Put your favorite maxi dress or skirt on, turn “Rhiannon” on Spotify, and practice Stevie spins in your bedroom to add some magic to your day! Stevie_nicks_style_1Stevie_nicks_style

Falling for Ali // Lounge Style Icon – Ali MacGraw

September 16, 2014

ali_macgraw_style_1Ali MacGraw was the ultimate American college girl – gaining her stardom in film starring opposite Ryan O’Neal in Love Story as a preppy pretty student. She is the girl next door, with her approachable beauty and that style that is both intellectual and a bit bohemian. Her timeless classic fashion sense, both on screen and off is embedded in our culture. As a fashion photo assistant at Harper’s Bazaar to the incredible legendary Diana Vreeland as well as a yoga devotee in her later years – Ali has had an amazing life!

Revisiting her original collegiate look from the seventies during the height of her stardom as autumn begins has us longing for a simple turtleneck. Even though there is currently a ridiculous heatwave in Los Angeles, we can at least daydream of sweaters, jeans, falling leaves, and making out on campus!


On Pointe // Lounge Style Icon – Misty Copeland

August 20, 2014

Ballet is a constant inspiration in fashion and art as history has shown. Such an incredible feat of beauty and strength, the dancers themselves have been muses for centuries as well as the stories, the productions, the costumes, the innovations and more. For us, its that classic mix of colors and textures both on stage and in rehearsal that we can’t help but want in our everyday lives. Plus, the off-duty dancer wears anything with grace and athleticism like no one else.


Right now there is a legend in the making in the world of ballet and if you don’t know about Misty Copeland yet, prepare to fall in love with our ultimate modern ballet muse. Defying all the odds that were against her, with an incredible talent that drove her quick career trajectory, Misty has now been a soloist ballerina at the prestigious American Ballet Theatre since 2007. Her incredible physique and beauty makes her impossible to take your eyes off of. As a lounge style icon, its the classic ballet leotards, sweaters, tights, textures, and colors mixed with modern workout gear and her beauty that gets us inspired.


Take a look at some of our favorite photos of Misty as well as a video of her in movement, from her recent campaign for Under Armour.misty_copeland_style_1 misty_copeland_style


French Girls do it better // Lounge Style Icon – Brigitte Bardot

August 13, 2014

The original effortless beauty and model / singer / actress, Brigitte Bardot was a master of off-duty, understated yet sexy style. When not filming her style tended towards easy dressing – whether hanging with her beloved animals, on the beach, biking, or on set – perfect looks for lounging.


Often barefoot and in jeans, beach hats, simple sundresses, or that perfect striped t-shirt (“la marinière”), her effortless take on fashion was never overdone and never looked better on her. Take a look at some of our favorite lounge looks of hers.

‘I’m a girl from a good family who was very well brought up. One day I turned my back on it all and became a bohemian.’ –Brigitte Bardot

bridget bardot Lounge Style Icon

Lounge Style Throwback Edition: Rachel Green & Friends

July 31, 2014

friendsLet’s go back to the days of answering machines, hair gel, and schrunchies for today’s lounge style inspiration via the girls on that little known TV show, Friends. Watching this show is a great time capsule to the fashion of the time as well as a glimpse at young adult life before cell phones and instagram. I miss the answering machine and the freedom of not be instantly reachable all the time. Dating was also much more romantic when guys weren’t just texting to get your attention. But the point of the post is the style, that nineties mix of hippie, grunge, and minimalism, and the more loungey pieces Rachel and the girls wore. Check out how great Phoebe’s onesie is!


More and more nineties iconic pieces of are slowly coming back into fashion now, newest trend being that chokers are back. We haven’t seen the Rachel haircut come back yet, and lets hope it stays that way!


Here are some of the comfy cute outfits that are our favorites from the series. And that we would still wear (minus some accessories and hair)


Lounge luxe

July 23, 2014


This week’s lounge style icon is model – actress – designer, Erin Wasson. Texas-born, down-to-earth, sailor-mouthed Erin is a woman after our own hearts. Her off-duty style is a mix of vintage and easy pieces that are a bit country, a bit grunge, a bit seventies rock; all Erin. She makes anything look effortlessly cool, mixing pieces like sweats and boots, pajama tops and cut-offs, flannels and body skimming dresses. Her personal style helped skyrocket her career as she was photographed off the runway and people looked to her for their own outfit inspiration. Her personal brand of dressing has such a following and respect now that it seems when she is booked today, the styling most often mirrors her own personal twist on dressing rather than the other way around.


Here are some of our favorite snaps of Erin’s style as well as a great quote (from her ‘Into the Gloss’ interview)

“I think beauty is all in your head at the end of the day. I’m a hippie of the heart, because I don’t smell like patchouli. [Laughs] I think that if you’re a hippie you just understand that everything is always bigger than you at any given time; it’s never really about you. There’s always a bigger picture.“

erin_wasson_journal_de_jalune5 erin-wasson-2 erin_wasson_journal_de_jalune3 erin_wasson_journal_de_jalune2

Serenity in the City

July 7, 2014

carrie bradshaw - serenity in the cityThis morning’s lounge style icon is a fictional one as they often can be for me – love my strong female characters – that are more often than not created by a strong woman. Anyway, this AM we honor the incomparable Carrie Bradshaw. Years of watching Sex and The City’s main character speak bluntly about every kind of relationship while wearing ridiculously amazing and fearless outfits is ingrained in my psyche.


Her lounge style was often featured and just as awesome. Comfortable yet still in line with her personality through an unexpected pairing, color, or pattern. You would catch her various comfort clothing when she was working from home on her laptop, one the phone with one of her platonic soulmates, running out for a new Vogue or lying around with Big or Aidan.

Here are some of my favorite lounge looks of hers plus a bonus shot of her personal sanctuary, her apartment bedroom.

carrie bradshaw - serenity in the city carrie bradshaw - serenity in the cityCarrie3carrie bradshaw - serenity in the citycarrie bradshaw - serenity in the citycarrie bradshaw - serenity in the citycarrie bradshaw - serenity in the city

This Carrie quote I leave you with can apply to life or getting dressed –

“Sometimes you gotta quit thinking so much. If it feels right, it probably is. So just go with it.”

Have a beautiful day!