Coffee Talk

October 22, 2014

coffee_talkCoffee is synonymous with conversation and since we cannot not have a cup together in person, we started this series to share our current ponderings as the next closest thing. So pour yourself a cup of coffee and join us for some coffee talk – we would love to hear about what is going on with you as well as tell you what has been on our minds lately.


It is finally feeling a little bit like fall in Southern California, with the temperatures cooling down a bit and the evenings becoming darker earlier. It’s not quite sweater weather, but a girl can dream (and live vicariously through her sister’s weather tales!) This past weekend my boyfriend, Zack, and I drove to Big Bear to actively seek out some autumnal vibes. Though it was just an afternoon, it definitely satisfied my yearning for some changing leaves and a crisp breeze.


As Halloween creeps closer, I am still trying to decide on a costume as there have been mentions of parties to attend.  Since we were little, our mom instilled in us not to buy costumes, but to make our own. One year I was a bunch of grapes – a green face and purple balloons attached all over me, Hillary was a snorkeler with a mask with cotton ball bubbles coming out of it, and our little brother was a knight in shining…tin foil! That said, I alway feel pressure to make it a costume to remember, even as an adult! Have you decided on a costume?


Is anyone else watching American Horror Story: Freakshow?!  It is so eerie and good, I can’t stand it. The characters are amazing, the acting incredible, and being someone who is more than slightly obsessed with the circus & circus history, the aesthetic gives me goosebumps of joy! Just look at these beautiful cast character photos to get a glimpse, don’t worry, no spoilers at this link.


Finally this past week has been really exciting as we have set into motion our first run of clothing! Everything is being made locally with gorgeous domestic fabric — we cannot wait to share more details of this process and the items with you soon.


Have a wonderful day!

xx. Jessica