Coffee Talk

November 24, 2014

coffee_talk_jaluneCoffee is synonymous with conversation and since we cannot not have a cup together in person, we started this series to share our current ponderings as the next closest thing. So pour yourself a cup of coffee and join us for some coffee talk – we would love to hear about what is going on with you as well as tell you what has been on our minds lately.


It is a short week, making this Monday that much better. We have some exciting things happening over here this week and cannot wait to share them with you! But just to back track a little, as we told you about in our announcement post, our blog is all about exploring and sharing ways to bring balance to daily life and creating rituals of rest. Today we wanted to share our story about what inspired us to create Jalune and to establish Journal de Jalune as a sanctuary of beauty, comfort, and style.


Our story is simple. We are two sisters, Jessica and I (Hillary), who always shared a passion for fashion, art, music, food, and coffee (so much coffee).


While Jessica was shopping for a client one day and frustrated again by the lack of loungewear & pjs offered for women, it hit her. Calling me right away, an epic phone call about what available and the lack of modern, flattering, and comfortable loungewear lead us to the realization that we would have to do this ourselves to do it right. There was no one-stop shop consistently delivering in this area and we realized we wanted to be that shop. This was our A-Ha moment, as our spiritual guru Oprah calls it, that perfect idea to change the course of our creative lives. Many many cups of coffee since, we perfected our vision and Jalune came to be.


Addressing the modern burden to be healthy, aware, and generous daily, we desired an authentic ritual for rest. For these important moments of sleeping, relaxing, and lounging – we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between style and comfort. After speaking with many women across all ages, careers, and interests who felt the same way, it was clear there was a need to provide a consistent, non-seasonal lifestyle brand and one that is made in the US.


We wanted to bring our movement for a beautiful rest online as Journal de Jalune, creating content that addresses the modern woman’s spiritual and healthy growth to feel beautiful inside and out. We look to fill that gap with our blog content and would love to hear what inspires you. What topics you would like to hear more about on Journal de Jalune? What are some of your own rituals of rest?


Have a lovely Monday!




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