coffee talk

September 30, 2014

coffee_jaluneCoffee is synonymous with conversation and since we cannot not have a cup together in person, I figured here is the next best thing. I want to hear about what is going on with you as well as tell you what has been on my mind lately.


I cannot believe that it is October 1st tomorrow, time is flying! I am not ready for the holidays yet, but I have to already start planning a long overdue trip back east where I grew up to see the fam. I guess even though it feels too early to plan it, it is nice to have something to look forward to! Do you have any holiday travel in the works yet? When is the best time to buy tickets?


I have just started yoga teacher training – unsure if I should add it to my plate along with freelance design jobs and trying to start a business – but I am loving it! I have been doing yoga for a while now and wanted to go a little further into the practice. Even though I don’t know whether I will become a teacher, it has been so nice to be learning (and have homework!) again. Have you started any new classes this fall?


As I said above, taking on the teacher training means no real ‘weekend’, but it has forced me to become more organized – which was desperately needed. Does this happen to anyone else when you have a lot going on? That is not to say I have not been having the time to watch my favorite fall shows that have returned. Do you watch the Mindy Project? I love her, but not so sure about the Mindy-in-a-relationship. Thoughts? And of course, Parenthood is my guilty pleasure (okay, more like guilty cry – it gets me every time!). This is the last season of the series, so I know they are setting up for some major drama and extra cry-inducing moments – please tell me it’s not just me that gets over emotion about that show!


What else is going on with you? Do you have any great fall recipes you can share? We are in a food rut over here! Have you started planning any Halloween costumes? I am loving this one, and cannot believe this exists, it did give me a good laugh though.


Have a lovely Tuesday!