Daring greatly

November 6, 2014

After watching the trailer for the Joan Didion documentary yesterday, it stayed with me all day and I kept thinking about the life she built for herself, following her passion of writing through the face of many adversities and ups and downs. It is so easy to get caught up in what your life should look like, or to constantly try please others, or even to feel that a passion is not worth pursuing. But someone recently just told me something that is so simple but so true, “Life it just too short to squander it.” So in this new journal series, we are looking at women who have dared greatly in their lives and continue to inspires us to keep living our lives fully and passionately.


There is not much written about the women of the Ringling Brother’s Circus, but what’s not written comes through in these photos. See more of the behind the scenes circus photos here.131122-ringling-circus-1949-13 131122-ringling-circus-1949-04131122-ringling-circus-1949-05 131122-ringling-circus-1949-06 131122-ringling-circus-1949-08