September 3, 2015

Fall-like // journal de jaluneWith Labor Day coming up this weekend, I guess summer is officially coming to a close (even though it is still 90 degrees in Colorado!). The days are sneakily getting shorter and the urge to break out the cozy layers is getting stronger. Fall to me always seems like a time to recoup from the summers adventures and to refocus on any projects or goals I have had for the year (it must be the strong back-to-school vibe that is in the air!). Here are some more things I am looking forward to this fall if you’d like to read. (inspired by this post).

Fall-like // journal de jaluneEating / curries, oatmeal, last of the summer corn (grilled, of course)
Drinking / pumpkin beer, pumpkin spice lattes (with real pumpkin!) basic, I know.
Practicing / meditating consistently, I have fallen off the wagon!
Mastering / how to say yes (cheesy, but eye opening!)
Learning / French
Trying / to give myself real downtime (no screens allowed, for real)
Playing / in the kitchen (and getting out of the food rut we’re in!)
Finishing / Orange is the New Black (anyone else have a tough time this season?)
Reading / My Notorious Life
Remembering / to take my vitamins
Wearing / summer dresses with boots and chunky sweaters
Cooking / ahead, trying to actually food prep for the week
Working / on too many different things
Traveling / to Taos, a truly magical place
Wanting / to become a morning person, I feel so much more productive getting things done early in the day!


What are you looking forward to this fall? Pick 4 prompts and share in the comments!

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