September 15, 2014

fall_leavesfall_socks_plaidIt may not be cooling off in all parts of the country just yet, but fall is definitely in the air. Even though I am way (WAY) past the back-to-school excitement of fall, I still feel a sense of a recommitment to goals after the play of the summer. It is a perfect to to take a look at how the year has been going and how I want to plan for the rest of the year. The beginning of fall is also, of course, all about breaking out the sweaters for cooler nights, all things pumpkin, and jumping in big piles of leaves. Taking a nod from this post by the Bleubird blog, I thought it would be fun to fill this out for what I am looking forward to this fall:

leaves_shadows Eating / pumpkin pancakes, butternut squash, and hearty soups
Drinking / hot toddy’s and apple cider
Practicing / biting my tongue, generosity, and gratitude
Mastering / being present
Learning / the anatomy behind yoga
Trying / to make it a point to go hiking a lot before the snow comes!
Playing / the drums, well maybe not really playing, just trying to play
Finishing / our first small launch of loungewear if all goes well!
Reading / Brain on Fire, not the wind down for bed type book I was looking for, but so intense and incredible all the same
Remembering / to keep in touch with dear friends/family that are in different time zones
Wearing / black jeans, plaids, boots
Cooking / with anything pumpkin!
Working / non-stop, but it is all exciting!
Traveling / a lot, hopefully more for pleasure than business in the  near future
Wanting / to get back into a meditation habit – even just for five minutes!


How are you looking forward to the fall?

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