Five Ways to Embrace Fall’s Shorter Days

September 24, 2015

Five Ways to Embrace Fall's Shorter DaysYesterday was the fall equinox, meaning the amount of daylight was equal to that of night, and now the daylight hours are slowly decreasing. While I am not ready for it to be dark at 4:30pm, I do love the way this time of year does makes you slow down. Along with the shift in daylight, the air gets cooler, and activities inevitably move indoors. While I am a summer person, needing the sunlight and warmth, I thought I would consciously try to make the most of the change of seasons this year instead of complaining about how dark it is each day. Here are a few ways I am going to try to embrace the shorter days of fall. What would you add to this list?


Cook seasonally – there are some many great warming recipes that use all of the root vegetables that are in season right now. Make it a point to try a new recipe for a soup, curry, or noodle bowl that will fill your house with amazing smells (and last the whole week!).


Find a good book to read – there is nothing better then finding a book that you cannot put down and fall is a great time to get back into reading (after those guilty pleasure beach reads). We even are having a virtual book club if you want to join!


Find a new craft or hobby – it is so easy to become a Netflix addict when you are seemingly at home all the time, but break out of that rut and find something new to learn or do with your hands. Maybe it is something you loved when you were a kids, like coloring, or maybe it is that thing you saw on Pinterest that you are finally going to to do. Whatever it is, let yourself get away from screens and get a little messy.


Cozy-up your place – indulge in making your place a comfortable sanctuary that you want to be in. Add some candles (hello pumpkin spice), hang some globe lights, or add some soft blankets to make being indoors often more inviting.


Have a game night – or potluck or wine club, really anything that gives you the excuse to get people together. It is easy to lose motivation when it is dark upon getting out of work, but having a recurring gathering gives you something to look forward to!


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