Girl Next Door // Lounge Style Icon – Liv Tyler

February 19, 2015

Liv Tyler suddenly came into the spotlight in her father’s music video– that father being Steven Tyler of a little band Aerosmith and the video being “Crazy”, a shock in the nineties with Liv and Alicia Silverstone dancing in a strip club. Even thought the video may have been not-so-innocent, Liv continued into an acting career where she quickly became the girl next door in her roles and style. She has grown up in the spotlight with her family history, relationships, and having a family all out there for everyone to see, yet she still remains graceful and down to earth amidst it all.


Liz Tyler has always had a low key approach to style, beginning with her crop tops, skirts and boots uniform from Empire Records to donning a pair of chucks in the 90s (that she has worn ever since). Her style is the perfect mix of casual and sexy, with big messy hair and a simple cat eye or bright lip to go with simple pieces. This look is perfect for the weekends, when doing (or even brushing) your hair doesn’t need to be a priority. Just find a favorite pair of jeans, throw on a striped shirt, and some chucks. Then either focus on your eyes or lip and you are ready for anything the weekend may bring!

liv tyler style iconliv tyler style icon