Holiday reading list

November 19, 2015

Holiday reading
As the chaos and fun of the holiday season officially begins, it can be hard to find moments to yourself amidst all the planning, prepping, and partying. Check out our post on surviving the holidays from last year for some great tips to get you through. One important thing is to remember to take time for yourself. A great way to have a moment away from it all is to escape in a good book, whether its while you wait for travel connections or to stop thinking of to-do lists as you wind down for bed. We are excited to read some of the books that came out this year featured on Oprah’s Best Books of 2015. First on our list is Patti Smith’s new memoir ‘M Train’. A quote about her newest book from O Magazine: ‘The book feels like a long, poetic letter directly from the brain of your smartest, oddest, bravest friend, the one who has ventured so much further than most of us dare to. ” Cannot wait to dive in!
What are you reading now?