Inspiration // Elizabeth Gilbert on Fear, Authenticity + Big Magic

October 8, 2015

Inspiration // Elizabeth Gilbert on Fear, Authenticity and Big MagicWe mentioned in a previous post that we are doing a virtual book club on the blog, featuring Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. Have you started it all? Well if you haven’t yet, the following video will give you a taste of the goodness that is in this book. The video, Elizabeth Gilbert & Marie Forleo on Fear, Authenticity and Big Magic, is a candid talk with the Gilbert and Forleo (another big name in the live-your-best-life arena) that just sounds like two friends talking over a latte, instead of being overly preachy. It is so refreshing to hear a no bullshit conversation about living a creative life and its (long, messy, fun, hard) process. As both a creative person and a perfectionist, I was instantly drawn in to the part where Gilbert calls out us perfectionists as not being able to even get started on a creative project, or once getting started, the project is never done (i.e. perfect enough). This is only one of the little nuggets I took away from the talk, I highly recommend watching the whole thing! It is a bit lengthy, but grab a cup of coffee and settle in.

Image by Marcel Christ