Modern Beauty

April 23, 2015

We were so inspired by Bazaar’s recent celebration of some of the modern women changing how the media sees beauty that we just had to share it. Beauty (like food) is another controversial topic and idea of what is beautiful is ever changing with trends of the times and ideals that are then latched onto by the media. The following women are breaking these molds and redefining (or rather letting go of the need for a definition) of beauty. Take a look at their slideshow that inspired us here, as well as some more stunning shots below of these gorgeous women.


Denise Bidot:­ her website motto is “there’s no wrong way to be a woman”, we couldn’t agree more!Denise1 denise2 denise3

Rain Dove: at 6’2” the former wilderness firefighter who believes her career is a type of activism. “I think it’s a different kind of activism. Like, women shouldn’t have to step into men’s roles to be empowered. They should be able to step into themselves”

rain2 rain1 rain3

Jade Willoughby: one of the only First Nation (Native Canadian) models who just walked her first New York Fashion Week.

jade3 jade2 jade1

Lea T: Brazilian supermodel and Ricardo Tisci muse. leat3leat1 leat2