Natural Beauty Hacks // Coconut Oil

July 23, 2015

Natural Beauty Hacks // Coconut OilCoconut oil is the desert island survival grab for us, it has so many uses! We are still discovering ways to incorporate this magical multi-tasking oil in our lives, from cooking to our daily beauty routines. As you know, we are all about trying to be as natural as possible when it comes to beauty products. As for it’s benefits, it’s naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, full of triglycerides and fatty acids. It’s an amazing moisturizer and can penetrate hair better than other oils. Here are some of our favorite beauty uses.

Natural Beauty Hacks // Coconut Oil

Soothe dry skin straight out of the shower with Moisturizer. Coconut oil increases hydration and reduces water loss in dry skin.


Make a conditioning Hair Mask to deep condition your hair. We love doing this pre-workout or pre-beach: on damp hair, comb a dollop of coconut oil through your hair and pile into a bun or braid it. Go for your run or head to the beach – where you can even jump in the saltwater and the coconut oil will keep your hair combable. When you come home, rinse.


As a makeup remover, coconut oil works great. Put a dab on cotton ball or pad and gently swipe over closed eyelids and under eyes, cheeks, or lips. Just be careful not to get in your eyes. It will break down makeup and also hydrate the area. Once you’re done, wash your face as usual.


Smooth hair ends and tame frizz by smoothing a small amount to ends or problem areas. Coconut oil locks moisture in. Be careful not to put too much on your hair, or it will appear greasy.



It’s a breath freshener and teeth whitener as well. Oil pulling, which is the fancy term for swirling coconut oil in your mouth for about fifteen minutes, brighten your smile as well as remove bacteria and help improve conditions like gingivitis.


Heal and soothe cuticles and peeling skin by rubbing coconut oil at the base of nails.


Make your own lip balm with coconut oil. I like to put some into a miniature jar and keep with me to smooth over my lips on the go.


Coconut oil is a great base for exfoliating scrubs. Add a handful of coarse salt, sugar, or our favorite ground coffee and mix. The moisturizing oil will last long after the sugar or salt has melted away keep your skin soft and freshly exoliated.


Use as a natural shaving lotion. Coconut oil is naturally antimicrobial and its skin-soothing properties will leave your skin hydrated.


The oil can be used as a natural face highlighter to perk up your makeup routine. Apply small amount of coconut oil on top of makeup on your cheekbones to add subtle glow.


Coconut oil makes a great under eye moisturizer. Use overnight by dabbing a bit of coconut oil on under-eye bags and fine lines. Light enough for the most delicate skin on your face.