Natural Beauty Hacks // Ice Cube Facial

February 10, 2015

natural beauty hacks ice cube facial This natural beauty hack has been a lifesaver – well a skin saver. I would love to wake up to a perfect complexion every day, but in reality these days if I have had a bad night’s sleep or one too many glasses of wine, it shows. Enter the ice cube facial. It is practically free but has the benefits of a $100 facial, and all you need is an ice cube. Wrap an ice cube in a face cloth and gently massage your face for 1-2 minutes in the morning (and night too if you want). You can even get fancy and try adding lemon for Vitamin C, green tea for antioxidants, or an oil like coconut or avocado for moisture. Besides instantly glowing skin the ice cube facial helps with the following:natural beauty hacks ice cube facial

de-puffs after a night of poor sleep or too many glasses of wine


promote blood circulation that will help heal blemishes


minimizes pores and reduces oil production


fights wrinkles and smooths skin


helps breakouts by soothing the inflamed skin


What are your favorite natural beauty tricks? Have you tried this one before?

natural beauty hacks ice cube facial