Natural Beauty Hacks // Warm Water with Lemon

January 21, 2015

warm water lemon health benefitsAm I the only that feels like everyday there is some new all-natural beauty hacks/tricks/trends you *must* try? I am totally guilty of hearing about some of these so-called beauty trends and trying them even before I know why I should be. I am sure most of you have heard about how warm water with lemon first thing in the morning is good for you. This may be the simplest beauty hack out there and it actually does have a long list of healthy benefits. I have been trying to start my morning even before coffee (tough, yes) with a cup of warm water with lemon. I have grown to look forward to the subtle energizing drink that I can sneak in while walking the dog or checking emails. Here are some of the benefits from having warm water with lemon – have you tried it? What are some of your other natural beauty hacks you love?

warm water lemon health benefitsHydration – duh. It is a good way to sneak in more water into your day in general. Your lymph system needs to be hydrated and have water to replace fluids used by your body to run efficiently, when it doesn’t have the hydration its needs, this is when you can start to feel tired or have low energy.


Vitamin C – helps boost your immune system and is also great for your skin as vitamin C helps produce collagen that reduces wrinkles (and that is added to most anti-wrinkle creams). Just drinking water is also one of the best things you can do for your skin.


Detoxifying – the liver uses the leon to boost its enzyme production leaving it better equipped to do its job of cleansing any toxins and producing good bile for digestion to function well. Lemons are also a digestive aid, flushing out toxins and helping get rid of built-up junk in your digestive system.

warm water lemon health benefitswarm water lemon health benefitsClears Skin – Vitamin C is antimicrobial which helps reduce bacteria that would cause blemishes or acne. As mentioned before, lemon water reduces the toxins in your body and blood which helps to maintain clearer skin.


Anti-inflammatory – lemon dissolves uric acids, the stuff that builds up in your joins that causes pain and inflammation. The ascorbic acid in lemons aids in healing with its anti-inflammatory properties that reduces stress and injury in the body.


Balances pH – lemons are alkaline, which means they help maintain a healthy pH and adds in reducing too much acid that is the cause for many health issues. A healthy pH also means less of a chance for UTIs as well, so drink up if you are prone to them!warm water lemon health benefitsSources 1 / 2