New Year Things

December 29, 2014

new year's eveSo I am not much of a resolutions person. Goals are definitely good to have, but I don’t feel that they should be confined to a certain time of year to make them happen. There is, however, a certain freshness coming into a new year that allows ideas of new possibility to bubble up. This is what I love about New Year’s; change, possibility, and growth (and the fact that the days are getting longer once again!) that are at the forefront of my mind and excite me to take action after a mid-winter slump. So in lieu of formal resolutions, I am revisiting this blog post and its prompts– here are the things I am looking forward to doing in 2015.

0b5ea801c56f6e31dc9c7f5cb6cec5dfEating / more vegetables (after way too many Christmas cookies), spicy pho on cold days
Drinking / hot water with lemon, so warming when it is freezing out (plus it is naturally detoxifying – no fancy pants juicer needed!)
Practicing / unplugging, disconnecting; breaking the mindlessly-looking-at-my-phone habit
Mastering / budgeting – and actually sticking to it like a grown-up.
Learning / calligraphy
Trying / to not procrastinate as much
Playing / in the snow, specifically snowshoeing and sledding.
Finishing / 2014 – taking in all I have learned and being done with the rest!
Reading / Euphoria by Lily King – so good so far!
Remembering / to take 5 minutes to meditate
Wearing / chunky sweaters, leggings, mocassins (full-on hibernation outfit!)
Cooking / anything with curry, roasted veggies
Working / more efficiently (i.e. single-tasking)
Traveling / to Mexico this winter for a bachelorette – can’t wait for the warmth and girl time!
Wanting / to plan a trip to South America

What are you looking forward to in 2015?

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