Original Gypsy // Lounge Style Icon – Stevie Nicks

October 8, 2014

Shawls, scarves, boots, and flowing dresses – no one does that layered style better than the original gypsy herself, Stevie Nicks. She is an icon both in music and fashion. Influencing musicians with her other-worldly voice and mystical lyrics both in Fleetwood Mac and as a solo artist since the seventies. Her grace and dignity throughout her rollercoaster career has stayed intact all the while never losing her badass-ness. Her fashion style, being truly her own and unwavering through the years, has been just as significant of a cultural influence. Her pretty and decidedly feminine style was a refreshing change in the male dominated rock fashion influence and her style resonated with many musical successors, fans, and designers that have embraced bits of her look throughout the years.

This look of gorgeous layers that flow as she moves, usually comprises of these common elements: long dresses or skirts, shawls, boots, and chiffon. Add in some lace, velvet, hats, or leather to complete. Stevie says this came to be partially came from trying to make herself look larger on stage. At 5’1” she used shawls and scarves as wings on stage, chiffon skirts flow large as she ethereally spins with the music and platformed boots gave her height.

As autumn approaches and we try to transition summer clothes to fall, the stylish easy way is to take notes from Stevie. Try a vintage piano scarf or shawl over your favorite summer dress with tights and boots. Throw a beautiful kimono or robe over your cut-offs like a jacket and pair with a hat. Lounge around in flowing oversize pieces. Put your favorite maxi dress or skirt on, turn “Rhiannon” on Spotify, and practice Stevie spins in your bedroom to add some magic to your day! Stevie_nicks_style_1Stevie_nicks_style