Retro Winter // Lounge Icons – the Women of Aspen 1971

November 11, 2014

As the weather gets cooler and the holidays draw near, I long for winter wonderland scenery and the clothes to match! My ultimate winter daydream is to be transported to the Seventies to a snowy lodge, drinking hot toddies with my sister by the fire and watching the handsome men (who look to Burt Reynolds and Steve McQueen–their fashion idols) come in from skiing. Until that time machine is perfected, these photos from LIFE magazine will have to do!


The seventies was the golden age of skiing and Aspen was the place to go. Jack Nicholson, Hunter S. Thompson, Steve Martin, starlets, pro skiiers – they all played there. These photos were shot by John Dominus in 1971. The article that accompanied the photo was called “A Very Nice Kind of Ski Bum” – ha!


Let their long wild hair, fresh faces, and epic style inspire you to add some ribbed turtleneck sweaters and headbands to your wintry lounging.


These women were looking for an escape from the current job choices and traditional lifestyle, and they found their like-minded sisters in Aspen. From the original article in the March 1971 edition of LIFE magazine: “The women figure why wait until you are 40 to have fun… ‘The reason we stay,’ says New Yorker Chris Elkins, ‘is there’s a real sense of community. People are easy to meet and they let you be what you want to be.”