Simplifying for Spring

March 11, 2015

minimalism It is finally starting to feel like spring! The snow is melting here in Colorado and the extra hour of light in the evening is allowing for more time to spend outside after work. I don’t know about you, but after a long winter, the extra sunlight reenergizes me and amps up my desire to tackle the to-dos I have be putting off. I guess you could say I have an itch to get started on some spring cleaning. One of my main goals right now is to live more simply, with less stuff, clutter, and things. I am not talking about tiny-house-extreme-minimalism where my crock pot would double as a bathtub, but just in general, simplifying to be able to focus on what is really important without wasting time on unnecessary shopping/wanting/comparing.


As I have started to look at the areas of my life to de-clutter and simplify, the places that naturally come up are my wardrobe and my living space. But if I am to be honest, the more I thought about the areas in my life that could stand to be simplified, the more popped up: work environment, social media use, diet, etc. Granted, it may seem daunting to do a huge overhaul and step into a life of “minimalism”, but I am looking forward to the whole process and to really hone in on what is important in my life and what makes me happy at the end of the day. It is not without help that I have started down this rabbit hole of back to basics living, here are a few of my favorite blogs that have inspired me. Have you ever thought about living more minimally? How have you simplified different parts of your life?


Un-Fancy – a guide to the capsule wardrobe and beautiful daily outfits from it.


Into Mind – “personal style, minimalism & the perfect wardrobe”, and this simple 9 step guide is great.


Scaling Back – Beautiful and simple recipes that you will actually make, not just drool at the photos!


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