Spring things

April 14, 2015

springIt has been officially spring for a few weeks now, so I figured I would follow the seasonal tradition of what I am looking forward to for spring that was originally inspired by this blog post. (You can read about winter and fall too if you’d like!). After living in Los Angeles for over 6 years and not having a ‘real’ spring, coming to Colorado that has a full 4 seasons has made me appreciate these transitions once again. I have already declared my love for the feeling of a fresh start that comes with spring, but here are a few more things I am looking forward to.

spring flowersEating / anything grilled – salmon, tons of veggies, and mango (try it, it is so good!)
Drinking / pamplemousse LaCroix, too much coffee
Practicing / speaking in front of large groups of people (namely those in yoga classes!)
Mastering / working smarter, not harder (not sure where I heard that, but love it!)
Learning / handstand – so close!
Trying / to be kinder on myself
Playing / frisbee, now that the weather is great for running around barefoot in the grass!
Finishing / taxes, woo
Reading / Girl in a Band by Kim Gordon, an honest memoir you don’t have to be a fan to appreciate
Remembering / to take a breath before reacting
Wearing / hole-y jeans, chambray shirts, and vans
Cooking / anything that can be put in a taco -fish tacos, sweet potato and black bean tacos
Working / Not as much, and it feels good!
Traveling / to Palm Springs for a dear friends wedding and then to New England for family time
Wanting / to start taking a pottery class


What are you looking forward to this spring?


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