The perfect pour over coffee

October 2, 2014

the perfect pour over coffeePour over coffee has been popping up in more and more coffee shops (even Starbucks!). It is has the perception of being the more ‘exclusive’ cup of coffee (read: usually having to pay extra) but really it is just a simple way to draw out the most flavor of the beans in only a couple of minutes. I love being able to just make the one cup as well when I don’t want to make an entire pot. I find it is also one of the easiest ways to make coffee when camping too! To make your own pour over coffee, all you need is a pour over coffee brewer and your favorite coffee variety. pour_over_coffee_6the perfect pour over coffee


Heat 12 ounces of water on the stovetop.

Grind 3 tablespoons of coffee finely for one 10 ounce cup (give or take depending on how strong you like your coffee).

Use a #2 coffee filter and place inside the brewer. The #4 filters work as well, you just need to fold a bit to fit as I did.

Place the brewer on top of your coffee cup.

Add the ground coffee to the filter in the brewer.

Pour the heated water (let sit 30 seconds after boiling – about 205º F) so that you just barely cover the grounds and wait 30 seconds to let the coffee ‘bloom’.

Pour more water evenly, soaking all grounds and fill to the top slowly.

Repeat until the mug is full (about 2 minutes).

Remove brewer carefully into the sink or an empty cup as it still may be dripping.

Enjoy!the perfect pour over coffeethe perfect pour over coffee