Winter Warm Up Yoga

December 2, 2015

Now that it is December, the cold weather is in full swing in Colorado and my instincts are telling me to go into hibernation mode. I get cold easily, so any little tricks to warm me up are key to surviving winter. One of the easiest ways to generate heat is to get your body moving. Enter this super quick 10 minute yoga routine that can be done anytime you need a quick warm up, whether that be first thing in the morning or getting home after work to a cold dark house. Wind down with a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate after and you have the perfect winter warm up.

winter warm up yoga // journal de jalune

Here is the sequence along with some helpful links about each pose:

cat cow

plank hold (1 min.)

downward facing dog

vinyasa to downdog

a. warrior 1 (right side)

b. warrior 3 (right side)

c. standing split (right side)

d. utkatasana

vinyasa to downdog

repeat  a-d on left

side plank (right side)


side plank (left side)

pigeon pose (both sides)