Women before 10am // Inspiring Modern Women – Heather

January 6, 2015

In this series we are speaking to inspiring modern women and having them share their morning rituals and secrets with us. Meet Heather, owner of an event planning company based in Boulder, CO, and see how she brings a special occasion to the little things in her morning routine. 

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Tell us about yourself.


I am the owner of Calluna Events, (@callunaevents), a boutique event planning company in Boulder Colorado. Calluna Events brings a fresh, stylish and inspired approach to full-service wedding and event planning by curating a deep sense of authenticity with each occasion. We are Boulder-based wedding planners who create events in Colorado, across the West, and anywhere our clients’ imaginations and events take us. We specialize in designing for today’s modern wedding, and any occasion worth celebrating, with a high level of personalization, meaningful styling, and on-trend detail. I live in Boulder Colorado with my husband, our two lovely children, and our chocolate lab.


What time do you wake up in the morning?


The start of my morning typically depends on how my children and I slept the night before. I have an almost 5 year old and a 1 year old so a full night of uninterrupted sleep is a rarity these days. The kids normally wake up between 6-6:30am. If I’ve been up during the night with one of the kids my husband typically let’s me sleep a little longer and he starts the day with them. My mornings start a little slowly, I’m not a grumpy morning person, I just need a little bit of time and coffee to get going. In our kitchen NPR, or these days the Pandora Disney station (my daughters choice) is on. It’s non stop action of making coffee, the kids breakfast, oatmeal for myself, packing my daughter’s lunch, making my son’s bottle, packing both children’s bags for the day, letting the dog out, and then after everyone is fed and ready then I get myself showered and dressed for the day. Most mornings I drive my daughter to preschool for 8:30 and then drop my son at his nanny afterwards. When I can fit it in, I work out at this time and then start work immediately after. However, most days I’m on my phone for work immediately after dropping the kids off at school – either on a call, checking email, Instagram, our business Facebook making sure blog posts are live and responding to client inquiries.


What’s your coffee / coffee drink of choice?


12oz double shot, skim latte. Or regular coffee with a bit of milk.


What’s been a favorite or coveted place of yours to enjoy a cup of coffee?


I have a favorite coffee mug actually and love drinking coffee out of that – typically at our kitchen table with both my children and husband while eating pancakes.

women before 10am jalunephoto by Rachel Gomez Photography


What’s the last thing that inspired you?


Every time a client chooses to hire Calluna Events I am inspired. I am inspired to give them 110% and to create the event they imagine. There is no greater gift to me that the vote of confidence they give when they entrust their event with my company. And the Calluna Events team and vendors I have the great fortune to work with inspire me to continue doing great things.


What’s a favorite morning beauty, food, or get moving tip you may have?


Hot water with lemon.


How do you relax/take time for yourself daily?


I try to do yoga, run, hike or ride my bike.


What does your ideal day of rest look like?


Kids sleeping through the night and sleeping in so I can also sleep in. Then both kids would climb into bed to wake me up. My favorite is when my daughter wants to cuddle and my son crawls across the bed to give me a morning kiss. I love cuddle session with both kids and my husband in the morning but those never last long as everyone is eager to get breakfast and get the day going. I’d then listen to NPR or read the NY Times while slowing drinking a cup of incredible coffee or latte. We’d make homemade pancakes and have a nice long breakfast together. I’d then spend some time in the garden or go for a long hike with girlfriends. Reading, yoga, a nice bath, followed by a lovely, heathy dinner and a glass of wine and more family time.

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