Women before 10am // Inspiring Modern Women – Kari

November 26, 2014

In this series we are speaking to inspiring modern women and having them share their morning rituals and secrets with us. Here is a glimpse into how Kari is creating a life following passion rather than fear. women_before_10_jalunewomen_10am_jalune_kari_3

Tell us about yourself.

I live in Highland Park, Los Angeles in a breezy refurbished 1925 bungalow with my old fat cat, Calvin, and I am in one of the biggest transition periods of my life. I had been a bartender for almost 13 years when in June, I came to the end of my rope, both mentally and physically; I was exhausted all the time and beginning to grow jowls out of unhappiness. I was the classic example of workplace burnout – committed to my job out of fear rather than passion. I set out to survey the possibilities and forge a new path for my life; right now I am a research and fact checking intern with L.A. Magazine and I teach Pilates, but next month I may be a casting assistant on a feature film or an extra in a commercial. I am going where my interests take me and I am trying not to worry about the ever imminent financials that will cause me to make a decision sooner rather than later, but in the meantime, I am enjoying the newfound freedom of choice. We always have a choice. Isn’t that liberating?


What time do you wake up in the morning?

I do not have a consistent waking hour. Sometimes I am up at 6am, sometimes 9am. Depends on the day. However, I consistently press snooze and lay in bed negotiating what I can cut out of the morning routine to gain 5 more minutes in bed. Soon after the alarm my cat, Calvin, wants food and will not be denied, so I get up, feed him, and thus my day begins.


What’s your coffee / coffee drink of choice?

I am all over the place with my coffee drinks, which is to say I have no go-to. One day it’s an Americano, the next a Cappuccino or (gasp!) no coffee at all. Sometimes I get down with an unsweetened matcha green tea with a little almond milk. Yum!


What’s been a favorite or coveted place of yours to enjoy a cup of coffee?

Last year when my friend Sara had her baby, I loved going over to her house to drink the rest of her pour over coffee and chat while the baby slept.


What’s the last thing that inspired you?

This quote: “All things are just as you make them” – Plautus

What’s a favorite morning beauty, food, or get moving tip you may have?

I have hot water with lemon and a touch of honey every morning, first thing. My body craves it and it kick starts my digestive system.


How do you relax/take time for yourself daily?

I try to get in a little Pilates mat work, even if only 5 minutes. Pilates helps me to check in with my breath and my body as a whole — feel where I am holding tension — and release it through breath.


What does your ideal day of rest look like?

It would be a day at an old world spa with no gadgets, a nap, a nice long walk, massage and body scrub followed by sauna and cold water alternations and bed at 9pm.


*Kari’s wearing a cozy oversized dolman dress and breezy set